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Firstly due to the vast contrast of legislation throughout Australia, there may be different laws which apply to you depending on your circumstances.

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How to claim compensation after your car accident

As with most things in life, there’s always more than one way to do something. When it comes to recovering financial compensation for injuries suffered in a no-fault car accident the same applies. The most common approaches are, instructing a lawyer to represent you, or doing it yourself. While there is no right or wrong way to go about it, a couple of important things must be considered before a decision is made.

Depending on the severity of your injuries and where the accident took place will determine whether or not you require legal representation. For example, if you have suffered very minor injuries such as a bruised hand which caused you to take a week off work to recover, it’s probably best going it alone. On the other hand, you have suffered whiplash injuries, which in some instances you may receive a better outcome with professional help.

If you’re confused about the claims process and wondering which way to go, we are here to help. At Millner and Knight, our legally trained consultants can guide you through the compensation process to help you understand your rights and responsibilities. We will never pressure you into claiming with us if we believe you would get a better outcome by doing it yourself.

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How to find the best lawyer

Although its a requirement solicitor are fully qualified to practice in Australia, the level of experience varies dramatically.

Good lawyers usually focus on one area of personal injury law, those who specialise in car accidents tend to get better outcomes for plaintiffs than those who don’t.

Using a solicitor who handles claims like yours will ensure you get maximum compensation.

We have experts located across Australia with experience dealing with CTP insurers ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

To speak to a member of our legal team call 1800 106 107. Calls are free, and you won’t feel compelled into starting your claim with us.

Do claimants have to use a local legal practitioner?

In 2018 there is no need to hire a solicitor in your vicinity to act on your behalf as many of the best law firms now operate nationwide.

If you do decide to hire a national firm make sure they have a medical centre near you because you will be required to attend a medical assessment to have your injuries checked out.

We are a national claims management company with offices and medical centres located across the country.

Contributory negligence in car accidents

What if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

Unrestrained drivers or passengers are often seriously, and sometimes fatally injured.

Many of the people we speak with who wasn’t wearing their seatbelt when the incident took place, believe that their right to compensation has been waived.

This is not the case, If you have been injured regardless of whether you were wearing your seatbelt or not, you are entitled to compensation.

Speak to one of our specialists today on 1800 106 107 to find out how we can make things right.

What if the driver was drunk?

Drunk drivers devastate lives.

If you’ve been injured in a car crash as a result of a driver under the influence you will be eligible for compensation.

We handle car crash claims against drunk drivers on a no-win no-pay basis so in the rare event your claim is not successful, you won’t need to pay towards costs.

How much car accident compensation can I get?

Because every car accident is different, the level of compensation awarded will vary on a case by case basis. That being said, compensation is calculated by three major factors:

  • The severity of their injuries
  • Financial losses they have incurred, and are liable to incur due to incapacitation
  • Their level of culpability in causing the accident

One or a combination of these facets of a car accident can determine your level of compensation.

To find out more about how much you may be entitled to claim, give our specialists a call on 1800 106 107 to discuss your situation in detail.

Alternatively, use our free compensation calculator to get a quick online estimation.

Common injuries suffered in car accidents

Soft tissue injuries

One of the most common injuries people sustain in collisions is whiplash.

Milner and Knights specialist car accident specialists have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for neck injury victims.

Although soft tissue injury claims are often seen as minor cases, we handle them with great care and attention to ensure successful outcomes.

To find out whether you’re entitled to compensation call us today.

Brain injuries

High-speed collisions often lead to serious and life-threatening injuries including brain injuries.

If you or someone you know has suffered from brain injuries resulting from a car crash, we can help.

Your case will be handled with empathy and fought with compassion and we will ensure that a car accident lawyer who has experience and success in claims like yours will handle your case.

We can also help you if you need to claim compensation on behalf of someone else.

Back and spinal injuries

Our national panel of lawyers are well known for obtaining maximum compensation for people who have been injured in car crashes.

Serious road accidents involving cars or motorcycles can result in back and spinal injuries.

These types of injuries are deemed serious and car accident claims like this should be handled by someone who specialises in these types of cases.

Broken bones and fractures

A large number of crashes on Australia’s roads results in broken bone injuries.

Suffering from these types of injuries can be devastating.

Depending on where the fracture is, it’s not uncommon for people to be out of work for over a year.

This can result in significant lost earnings with many people receiving reduced pay, or no pay at all.

Our lawyers will take this into consideration when preparing your claim.


Our national panel of lawyers has secured millions of dollars in compensation for families who have lost a loved one to a serious car crash.

If you need our help you can speak with an expert regarding your matter for free.

Our compassionate team is ready to help you make a successful claim on behalf of your loved one.

Our lawyers will fight your road accident injury claim with compassion.

How to get started

There are two ways in which you can start your claim with us.

Either call us on 1800 106 107 or start your claim online using any of our online forms.

Remember all calls are confidential and we will never pressure you into starting your claim with us.

Milner and Knight are one of Australia’s largest personal injury claims management companies.

No win no dramas

Our guarantee means that when you claim compensation with us you won’t pay any legal fees if your case is unsuccessful.

If your claim is successful, the legal fees will be taken from the compensation at the end. Keep in mind that the losing party will normally pay a large portion of the legal costs.