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We understand that a bicycle accident can cause massive trauma that is both physical (as in broken bones and lacerations) and mental (anxiety and depression.) They can also seriously hamper your mobility, and may even leave you dependent on your loved ones.

If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident due to somebody else’s negligence, you should be entitled to compensation to help cover the costs of your recovery.

Our local road accident team based in Perth WA know that no amount of money can alleviate the trauma you’ve been through, but compensation can help you take positive steps towards recovery.

If you are up to discuss your experience, you can call our legally trained advisors for free, helpful advice. There’s no obligation to claim.

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Why claim for a bicycle accident?

Cyclists are exposed to a range of hazards while out on the road. Despite awareness campaigns, bike accidents can be serious, if not fatal in some cases.

You are left to deal with the physical pain of your injuries while losing much of your independence. This can lead to mental trauma such as depression or anxiety.

Add to this the financial costs of your recovery. It can help you adjust to the impact of your injury, help support your family and could even cover the costs of repairing your bike.

Lawyers Direct can help you make a claim if the accident wasn’t your fault.

If you were severely injured, you may have an extended period off work, or you may have found you need to change careers due to mobility problems. Further, you must pay for your own medical and rehabilitation costs.

Any compensation you receive can help cover these expenses and will be included in the negotiations made by your specialist lawyer.

Who can make a cycling accident claim in Melbourne?

The accident must not have been caused by you in order to make a claim with us.

You may be eligible to make a compensation claim for your cycling accident if it was caused by:

• Another vehicle at fault
• Defective equipment, such as a faulty crash helmet or a safety issue with the way your bicycle was manufactured
• Badly maintained roads or bike lanes, for example, potholes or cracks in the asphalt

If you’re at all unsure, you can talk to an expert who can guide you through the process. There’s no obligation to claim – you can call just to get some advice.

Have you suffered a serious bike accident?

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can often cause serious injuries. Bikes are at the “bottom” of the food chain when it comes to the road – cars, vans, utes, and trucks must share the same passageways.

If you’re unsure your injury is considered severe, the best way to find out is to get in touch with us for free.

These conditions are usually treated as serious injuries:

• Your treatment is ongoing or you’ve needed to return to the hospital more than once
• You’ve had to take weeks or months off work
• You’ve had to change your job, or your job prospects are limited
• Your loved one has had to take time off work to care for you
• You’re unable to continue your spare time activities or hobbies as you once die
• You’ve needed care, even when that care was given for free by a loved one

Bicycle accident injuries

Bicycle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries from superficial to severe. These may range from cuts, scrapes, and bruises to broken bones, head and brain injuries and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, some accidents are so severe they are fatal.

Though we wish we could prevent every accident, we can’t. But we can make a claim for your accident.

We’ve seen the difference compensation makes. It relieves a lot of stress, both mental and financial, from the equation.

Mental effects of a cycling accident

When people think of making an accident claim with us, they think the compensation only covers the physical aspect of an accident. The mental or psychological impact has bearing on your claim too.
For example, if you feel traumatized by the thought of cycling – or taking any kind of transport – since your accident, this is factored into your claim for compensation.

How to start your claim

To begin a bicycle accident claim with us is simple. The first step is to contact us on 1800 106 107 for free. Want us to call you back at a more convenient time? Use our online form here.

This may be a new and nerve-wracking experience for you. But don’t stress, our legally trained advisors will do everything they can to put you at ease.

Our advisors will discuss your case, and tell you about our guarantee. They’ll then put you in touch with a specialist if you choose to accept the agreement.

You’ll get support right from the start – call us today for more information.