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Our compensation payout calculator + injury’ guide works by taking average settlement figures from NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT and TAS before combining them to give you an estimated guideline amount.

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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For My Injury?

The amount of compensation or damages owed to plaintiffs depends on numerous factors, the most significant being:

  • Accident type and area of law 
  • State in which your accident took place
  • Injury type and severity

There may also be other leading factors depending on your circumstances.

Accident type or area of law your claim falls under 

The type of accident you have been involved in will determine what area of law your claim falls under. To give you an idea claims most often fall under; motor vehicle accident law, public liability, workers compensation and WorkCover, medical negligence or crime victims compensation. Each area of law is governed by different legislation and guidelines which essentially place a prescribed monetary value on an injury.

State in which your accident took place in 

The geographical location where an accident occurred can have a huge effect on compensation payouts for injuries. Each state and territory has its own rules and regulations regarding payouts along with injury scale value charts and tables which lawyers use as a guide to determine your settlement.

We can calculator can take into account accidents in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS and ACT.

Injury type and severity 

Injuries generally get categorised into the following categories; 

  • Minor personal injuries;
  • Moderate injuries leading to a full recovery;
  • Serious injury and catastrophic;
  • Psychological and emotional;
  • Permanent impairment (PI) or whole person impairment WPI

In order to determine the severity of a plaintiffs injury, an assessment should be obtained from a medical specialist in an area relevant to the injury that they intend to claim on. What may seem like a simple straightforward injury may come with a substantial underlying burden that rears itself later in life. Because generally damages are awarded on a “once and for all” basis which means you can only make one claim, it is important to achieve maximum financial recompense.

How will my injury compensation be calculated?

When calculating the amount of compensation owed to a plaintiff, a solicitor and his or her legal team will itemise various heads of damage and add them together. 

These may include:

1. General damages: this is the term applied to non-pecuniary damages or non-economic loss experienced as a result of pain and suffering, disability or impairment, loss of “amenities” of life, disfigurement or reduced life expectancy.

2. Pecuniary loss: this term covers out-of-pocket expenses involved in past and future medical treatment, rehabilitation, care and support. It also covers costs involved in making adaptations to your home or mode of transport.

3. Income loss: covering actual income loss of income accumulated pre-settlement and future loss of expected earning capacity post-settlement. Please note: in some instances, a plaintiff’s claim may be restricted to only past loss; in others, to only future loss. 

4. Aggravated damages: comprise an additional sum of money to be awarded to a plaintiff due to the humiliation brought on by the defendants conduct during the commission of a wrong.

5. Exemplary damages:  in instances when a matter goes to court, a Judge may award what is known as punitive or exemplary damages. Such damages are awarded in order to punish a defendant rather than compensate the plaintiff.

6. Nominal or contemptuous damages: usually are a very small amount of damages awarded to a plaintiff when they are technically entitled to succeed, but the judge thinks that the action should not have been brought.

Calculating multiple injuries

You can use our multiple injury compensation calculator to get an idea of what monetary values are available for several different injuries. However, it’s unlikely you would be permitted to recover the full amount for each injury. The state which your accident took place will determine how much each individual injury is worth.

If you have suffered more than one injury please call us free on 1800 106 107.

Compensation payouts for injuries 

Our table of injuries data contains up to date figures based on our extensive, independent research combining both statutory and common law claim payouts received by plaintiffs in all Australian jurisdictions. For this reason, depending on your individual circumstances, you could be owed considerably more or less than our estimates.

Please note: All figures are averages and exclude both past and future economic losses (lost earnings). 

Claims for lost earnings often exceed $1,000,000 and will be negotiated by your lawyer in the event you are eligible to claim them.

Head and brain injuries

Brain damage

Less severe brain damage $26,530 to $73,680

Moderate brain damage $73,680 to $330,220

Moderately severe brain injury $330,2200 to $492,656

Very severe brain damage $492,656 to $689,720

Open, depressed and basal fractures without brain damage

Minor $15,420 to $71,560

Moderate $71,560 to $110,370

Severe $110,370 to $175,090

Psychological injuries and illnesses

Post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE)

From head trauma Between $25,290 to $257,660

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Less severe post-traumatic stress disorder $5,670 to $14,430

Moderate post-traumatic stress disorder $14,430 to $44,249

Moderately severe post-traumatic stress disorder $44,249 to $97,090

Severe post-traumatic stress disorder $97,090 to $199,548

General emotional and psychiatric injuries

Less severe emotional harm $3,997 to $11,865

Moderate emotional harm $11,865 to $29,512

Moderately severe emotional harm $29,512 to $103,412

Severe emotional harm $103,412 to $199,547

Major depression upto $376,000

Major stress and anxiety upto $376,000

Psychosis upto $376,000

Adjustment disorder upto $376,000

Injuries affecting the hearing

Deafness and hearing loss

Slight hearing loss $14,763 to $24,459

Total loss of hearing in one ear $67,845 to $81,902

Binaural hearing loss in the region of $162,090

Sensual impairment – injuries to the senses

Impairment of taste and smell

Loss of smell $36,043 to $52,783

Loss of taste $36,043 to $52,783

Complete loss of smell and taste. $59,872 to $88,345

Loss of speech

Complete loss of speech in the region of $213,573

Maxillofacial injuries – including teeth


Minor nose injury $3,234 to $9,523

Moderate nose injury $9,523 to $24,000

Moderately severe nose injury $24,000 to $53,890

Severe nose injury $53,890 to $114,853

Total loss of nose or severe disfigurement in the region of 189,324


Minor jaw fracture $9,872 to $17,983

Moderate jaw fracture $17,983 to $26,234

Moderately severe jaw fracture $26,234 to $57,332

Severe jaw fracture $57,332 to $109,252


Minor cheekbone fracture $9,832 to $17,943

Moderate cheekbone fracture $17,943 to $57,312

Severe cheekbone fracture $57,312 to $103,272

Other facial fractures

Multiple facial fractures in the region of $17,943 to $57,312

General facial fractures around $9,832 to $17,943


Tooth damage. $2,877 to $14,638

Tooth loss. $5,933 to $15,843

Tooth pain $2,983 to $13,983

Injuries affecting eyesight


Loss of vision in 1 eye (corrected vision) up to $115,855  

Total loss of vision of 1 eye $124,700 to $298.857

Total loss of vision in both eyes around $357,978 Plus+

Loss of eye(s)

Loss of an eyeball $146,700 $328.8571

Total loss of both eyes $357,978 Plus+

Neck, back and spinal injuries 

Back injury

Prolapsed intervertebral disc. $15,053 to $142,238

Major compression fracture of vertebral body(s) $20,357 to 184,396

Aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disease $15,094 to $70,394

General back injuries $16,063 to 182,396

Musculoskeletal back injuries $13,053 to $69,394

Severe or catastrophic back injuries $184,396 to $398,893

Neck injury

Minor neck injury $2,567 to $16,903

Moderate neck injury $16,903 to $42,585

Moderate neck injury requiring surgery $16,903 to $66,490

Moderately severe neck injury $16,903 to $299,048

Severe or catastrophic neck injury $299,048 to $398,893


Full recovery within three months $6,984 to $16,983

Full recovery between three and twelve months $16,983 to $34,594

Severe neck and soft tissue injuries $16,903 to $299,048

Arm injuries

Amputation or loss of arm(s)

Loss of one arm $75,937 to $303,700

Loss of both arms $303,7000 to $430,932

Amputation of one arm $75,937 to $303,700

Amputation of both arms $303,7000 to $430,932

Arm fractures

Fracture of radius $10,038 to $48,953

Fracture of ulnar $11,048 to $48,553

Fracture of both radius and ulnar $14,082 to $54,303

Fracture of humorous (uncomplicated) $28,928 to $85,292

Other arm injures

Minor arm injury. $4,145 to $9,378

Moderate arm injury. $9,378 to $45,237

Moderewraly severe arm injury. $45,237 to $80,328

Severe arm injury. $80,328 to $199,382

Hand injuries

Fingers and thumbs

Sensory loss on either side of thumb $9,95 to 21,780

Structural loss of index finger $12,842 to 55,430 

Structural loss of 2 joints of index finger $14,032 to 44,585

Structural loss of distal joint to index finger $9,957 to 27,700

Sensory loss to the palmar surface of index finger $5,938 to $21,780 

Structural loss of 2 joints of middle finger $14,032 to $35,395 

Sensory loss to palmar surface of middle finger $14,032 to $21,780

Structural loss of ring finger $26,700 to $37,382

Structural loss of 2 joints of ring finger $24,700 to $31,943

Structural loss of distal joint of ring finger $17,635 to $21,853

Structural loss of little finger 24,935 to $31,953

General hand injuries

Minor hand injury $2,400,938 to $14,442

Moderate hand injury $14,442 to $62,740

Severe hand injury with significant loss of use $62,740 to $112,986

Structural loss of hand around $264,960

Structural loss of both hands $264,960 to $442,493

Crush injury to hand but resulting in loss of motion $99,2383 to 118,875

Serious damage to both hands $109,550 to $163,003

Joint injuries 

Knee injury

Simple knee injury $19,891 to $29,2382

Moderate knee injury $29,2382 to $99,490

Tibial plateau fracture $44,932 to $67,292

Severe knee injury $99,490 to $141,000

Total knee repacement $141,000 to $198,033

Ankle injury

Simple ankle injury $19,891 to $29,2382

Moderate ankle injury $29,2382 to $49,490

Serious ankle injury $49,490 to $121,000

Catastrophic ankle injury $121,000 to $162,033

Elbow injuries

Injury to elbow region resulting in full recovery $3,892 to $12,392

Elbow injury resulting in moderate loss of all movements $12,392 $26,281

Elbow injury causing some long term problems $26,281 to $52,328

Complicated elbow injury $52,328 to $142,500

Elbow injury resulting in severe permanent impairment in the region of $162,500

Wrist injury

Mild wrist injuries $2,242 to $9,450

Moderate wrist injuries $9,450 to $29,450

Moderately severe wrist injuries $29,450 to $54,398

Severe wrist injuries $54,398 to $102,382

Injury to the pelvis and hips

Minor musculoskeletal hip or pelvis injury $2,231 to $9,282

Moderate musculoskeletal hip or pelvis injury $9,282 to $18,275

Hip or pelvic fractures $18,275 to $202,245

Total hip replacement on the region of $124,835

Shoulder injuries

Minor shoulder injury $1,992 to $9,259

Moderate shoulder injury $9,259 to $31,459

Serious shoulder injury $31,459 to $69,380

Severe shoulder injury $69,380 to $140,000

Feet and toe injuries

Foot injuries

Structural loss of a toe $24,700 – $53,430 

Metatarsal fracture $4,974 to $19,292 

Structural loss of a foot in the region of 172,755 

Minor general foot injury $3,943 to $13,540

Moderate general foot injury $13,540 to $21,934

Major general foot injury $21,934 to $55,100

Leg injuries

Broken bones and fractures

Uncomplicated fractured femur (thigh bone) $14,000 to $19,238

Fractured femur requiring surgery $19,238 to $34,953

Uncomplicated fractured tibia or fibula (lower leg) $9,032 to $14,392

Fractured tibia or fibula requiring surgery $14,392 to $29,349

Leg injuries causing permanent impairment problems $30,382 to $57,234

Structural loss of leg(s)

Loss of both legs through or above the knee $336,010 to $430,420

Loss of both legs below the knee $336,010 to $430,420

Loss of one leg through or above the knee $77,490 to $136,010

Loss of one leg below the knee $77,490 to $136,010

Injuries leading to paralysis


Temporary paraplegia in the region of $92,382

Complete paraplegia in the region of 399,400

Injury to internal organs and digestive system

Digestive system

Severe damage from trauma $71,700 to $140,473

Non-penetrating injury $24,520 to $51,660

Severe toxicosis $99,344 to $12,493

Food poisoning $3,303 to 25,000

Kidney injury

Loss of one kidney $65,029 to $80,822

Risk of future loss of kidney function in the region of $127,487

Loss of both kidneys or only functioning kidney in the region of $362,215

Chest injury

General chest injuries

Minor chest injury $6,291 to $14,238

Moderate chest injury $14,238 to $22,458

Severe chest injury $22,458 to $167,256

Rib fractures

Single rib $6,291 to 19,293

Multiple ribs 19,293 to $21,2982

Reproductive system

Male and female

Loss of fertility 54,045 to 88,743

Impotence 35,045 to $61,493

Loss of sexual function $124,075 to $144,392 

Loss of genital organs $185,110 – $267,349

Lung and respiratory diseases


Breathing difficulties $27,410 to $129,432

Bronchitis $17,730 to $57,922

Emphysema $101,190 to $138,324

Asbestos-related diseases

Asbestosis $340,000 to $450,000

Silica related lung diseases

Silicosis $340,000 to $450,000


Severe lung cancer $340,000 to $450,000

Mesothelioma $340,000 to $450,000


Chronic asthma $39,440 to $87,000

Mild to moderate asthma $12,934 to $39,440

Skin injuries 


Mild scarring $2,239 to $11,321

Moderate scarring $11,321 to $26,492

Moderately severe scarring $26,492 to $31,392

Severe scarring $31,392 to $62,032

Gross scarring following burns to multiple body areas Upto $242,050


Minor burns $2,239 to $11,321

Moderate burns $11,321 to $26,492

Moderately severe burns $26,492 to $31,392

Severe burns $31,392 up to $62,032

Gross burns to multiple body areas upto $240,010


Chronic contact dermatitis $22,483 to $41,843

Solar induced skin disease $22,483 to $83,483

Persistent neurodermatitis in the region of $122,475

Compensation payout amounts for specific circumstances:

Our online tool takes into consideration a number of different scenarios including but not excluding:

Motor vehicle accident compensation

Our MVA calculator can give you realistic CTP compensation payouts for car accidents throughout each state. It can work for you if you have been hurt as a motorcyclist, cyclist, truck driver or pedestrian. It covers most injury types ranging from minor whiplash to serious catastrophic injuries leading to permanent impairment.

Try our car accident personal injury claim calculator here

Workers compensation

Our guide can give you an estimated workers compensation payout calculation for nearly any type of injury suffered in the workplace. It works by combing workers compensation payout figures from NSW, VIC, QLD and WA. It covers anything from the average payout for a back injury at work to stress and psychological common law claims.

Try our WorkCover calculator now or Work injury payout calculator

Public liability

Whether you have been injured in a slip and fall, through a faulty product or suffered from food poisoning, our public liability claims payouts can give an idea of how much your claim might be worth.

Victims of crime

Get realistic criminal victims compensation amounts for victims who have suffered injuries as an innocent bystander during the commission of a crime.

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Medical negligence

Medical negligence payouts 

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Insurance payouts

Try our TPD payout calculator

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What will get deducted from my final compensation payout?

When a plaintiff receives a compensation payout, depending on their circumstances, there may be one or more deductions. Some of the most common being.

  • Your lawyers’ legal fees
  • Medicare benefit payments 
  • success fees or uplift fees
  • Contributory negligence
  • Centrelink benefit payments

If you are unsure whether or not you will be required to pay something back, please call us for clarification.

Lawyers legal fees – If you make your claim on a no win no fee basis, on the event of a successful outcome you will be required to pay the fees to your solicitor which you will have agreed to before your claim commenced. If you lose your case, you may not be required to pay.

Medicare If you have received Medicare benefits or subsidies for your medical treatment and you are awarded more than $5,000 including legal costs they will need to be repaid.

Success fees or uplift fees – Success fees are designed to compensate a law firm for taking the risk of running your case; however, they are permitted in some states. 

Contributory negligence – If a plaintiff is found to have contributed towards their injuries, they may lose some of their final award. For example, someone who was 25% contributorily negligent may incur a 25% reduction in their payout.

Centrelink benefit payments – If you have wrongly received any Centrelink payments or had a prior agreement with Centrelink regarding your benefits you may need to pay them back

How to use our compensation payout calculator

The user-friendly interface our estimation tool boasts, took us hundreds of hours to achieve. With the end-user in mind, we aimed to make our compensation payout calculator self-explanatory for people of all ages.

  • Step one in the calculation process is to state the gender of you or the injured person. We need to ask this because compensation payouts for injuries vary depending on gender.
  • Step two is to tell us what injury/injuries you or the victim has suffered.
  • Step three, we will ask you to confirm your personal injury to ensure your assessment is accurate.
  • Step four based on your own judgement tell us the severity of your injury.
  • Step five is to tell us about your lost earnings as this is claimable in addition to compensation payouts for injuries
  • Step six is where you add any additional expenses such as travel, treatment, medication repairs and care.

Once you have input your information into the calculator, you will receive an estimated figure. Please note that this figure isn’t final and may not be completely accurate.

Our compensation payout guide 

Disclaimer: Our Compensation payout calculator + injury guide is designed to give victims of no-fault accidents an idea of how much compensation they can get for their injuries. 

Though we have made every attempt to ensure our data is as accurate as possible, it is not a substitute for legal advice. When using our data, whether, through our compensation payout calculator or injury guide, you are making your own assessment. 

If you decide to use our data in any way, by doing so, you agree that Millner and Knight cannot be held responsible for misleading or giving false information to you or anyone who uses it.

Compensation payouts for injuries vary depending on many facets, and only a qualified legal practitioner in your jurisdiction can give you an accurate estimation. Even then it is impossible to issue an exact amount until it is accepted by the defending party or ordered by a judge.

Any estimations given by our calculator do not consider any of the legal fees which your lawyer might deduct from your injury compensation.

Frequently asked questions

How accurate is your compensation payout calculator?

Our data is based on official figures, which means any values given by our tool can be considered realistic, but not completely accurate.

How do compensation calculators work?

Our innovative tool calculates your accident compensation based on your answers to a few simple questions regarding your experience. These include questions regarding your; location, type of accident you have been involved in, the severity of your injuries, your gender, out of pocket expenses and financial losses.

Can I include my lost earnings?

You can include your lost earnings and other out of pocket expenses in the calculation to get an even more accurate estimation. However, our calculator can only take into consideration any special damages/economic losses up until the present day.

What does your compensation payout calculator work for?

Our calculator can provide you with an estimated compensation amount for most types of accident and injury scenarios in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS and ACT.

Does it consider my future lost earnings?

Our tool does not consider future special damages or economic losses as these heads of damages will not be known until you have undergone a full medical assessment.

Table 1. Head and brain injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Brain damageMinor brain damage$31,623 - $89,944
Moderate brain damage$89,944 - $450,519
Severe brain damage$450,519 - $866,341
Facial trauma
Skull fractureClosed fracture
Open fracture
Depressed fracture
Basal fracture

Table 2. Neck injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Soft tissue injuriesMinor strains
Moderate strains
Permanent soft tissue damage
Nerves and/or spinal cordComplete sensory loss
Incomplete sensory loss
Exaggerated reflex or spasms
Loss of sensation
Minor loss of movement
Significant loss of movement
Muscle sprainsMinor neck sprains
Moderate neck sprains
Sprains lasting more than 28 days
WhiplashLess than 3 months to recover
Recovery within 3 to 12 months
More than 1 year to fully recover

Table 3. Shoulder injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Shoulder ArthritisRheumatoid Arthritis
Post-Traumatic Arthritis
Avascular Necrosis
Rotator cuff tearsMinor rotator cuff tears healing on their own
Tears requiring Corticosteroid injections
Tears requiring surgery
Shoulder fractureFractured clavicle (collar bone)
Fractured scapula (shoulder blade)
Fracture to shoulder joint
Shoulder ligaments tearMinor ligaments tear
Moderate ligaments tear
Ligament tear requiring surgery

Table 4. Back injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured vertebraeBurst Fracture
Flexion-distraction Fractures
Stable fractures
Unstable fractures
Minor fractures
Major fractures
Injuries to the discsBulging disc
Prolapsed Disc
Herniated disc
Sequestered Disc
Chronic painSciatica pain
Low back strain
Night time back pain
Lower middle or upper back pain
Spinal cord damageComplete spinal cord injuries
Anterior cord syndrome
Central cord syndrome
Brown-Sequard syndrome

Table 5. Arm and wrist injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured wristColles wrist fracturesIn the region of $15,806
Serious wrist injury leading to permanent problems$50,387 - $81,484
Serious wrist injury causing severe loss of movement$99,834 - $123,117
Wrist fractures or other injuries recovering within 12 months$7,390 - $10,119
Wrist injury resulting in permanent pain and stiffness$25,903 - $51,754
Wrist injury taking up to 2 years to heal$21,134
Lower arm fractureFractured scaphoid, operated
Fracture of radius, ulna or carpus bones
Serious forearm injury causing permanent damage
Upper arm fracureProximal humerus fracture
Mid shaft humerus fracture
Distal fracture
minor bicep tendon injury
Bicep tendon tears
permanent upper arm tendon damage
Arm amputationsComplete loss of arm(s)$495,231 - $633,721
Loss of arm(s) above the elbow$225,517 - $274,493
Loss of arm(s) below the elbow$203,122 - $229,888
Loss off arm(s) below the shoulderNo less that $282,071
Injury to the elbowMinor elbow fractures healing within 6 monthsup to $$26,304
Elbow fractures healing between 6 to 18 months$32,198 - $66,581
Serious elbow injury causing permanent damage$80,859 - $117,142
Tennis elbow
elbow RSI
Nerve damageCarpal tunnel syndrome
Ulnar nerve entrapment

Table 6. Fingers and hand injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured fingerFracture to finger healing normally$10,005
Multiple finger fractures healing normally
Finger fractures causing permanent damage
Loss of fingersStructural loss of index fingerIn region of $39,564
Structural loss of little finger$17,776 - $25,278
Structural loss of distal joint to index finger$25,123 to $38,519
Structural loss of distal joint of little finger$8,253 to $12,375
Structural loss of ring finger$16,582 - $24,187
Thumb injuriesStructural loss of thumb$75,021 - $114,957
Thumb fracture healing normally$19,866 - $26,606
Complicated thumb fracture causing long term damage$41,080 - $74,519
Nerve damageSensory loss on either side of thumb$26,003 to $35,404
Sensory loss to fingersIn region of $27,482
Sensory loss to palmIn region of $27,482

Table 7. Hip and pelvis injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Hip and pelvis fracturesIntracapsular Fracture
Subtrochanteric Fracture
Intertrochanteric Fracture
Simple pelvic fracture
Complex pelvic fracture
Pelvic fracture and bladder rupture
Pelvic fracture and urethral rupture
Degenerative diseaseMild degenerative disease in pelvic area
Mild degenerative disease in pelvic area
Hip replacementsMetal-on-metal hip resurfacing
Total hip replacement$144,904
Other hip injuriesInjury to hip region resulting in mild loss of all movements$38,649
Injury to hip region resulting in moderate loss of all movements$80,509
Femoral neck fracture$160,998
Labral tear
Snapping hip syndrome

Table 8. Leg and knee injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Leg injuriesFractured femur (thigh bone)$18,829 - $29,508
Fractured tibia or fibulaUp to $25,016
Leg fractures resulting in long term problems$36,945 to $58,201
Amputation of leg(s)$197,593 - $579,984
Amputation of both legs below the knee$422,378 - $557,652
Amputation of one leg above the knee$197,593 - $283,046
Serious leg injury causing permanent problems$80,937 to $118,017
Severe or complicated leg fractures$54,438 - $78,374
Tibial plateau fracture$36,945 - $59,087
Knee injuriesKnee injury causing minor long term problems$30,850 - $54,914
Knee injury causing severe long term problems$54,914 - $89,769
Knee injury with total recovery$29,044
Total knee replacement$160,998
Tendon and ligamentsMinor anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL)
Moderate ACL injury healing within 6 months
Severe ACL injury requiring surgery
Torn meniscus
Minor Achilles tendon injury
Partial achilles rupture or significant tendon damage
Achilles tendon injury requiring surgery

Table 9. Feet and ankle injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Loss of feetLoss of both feet$348,377 - $417,560
Loss of one foot$173,348 - $228,140
Foot fracturesDisplaced metatarsal fractures causing permanent symptoms$28,386 - $51,99
Minor Fracture of any metatarsalup to $28,386
Severe Fracture of any metatarsal causing long term problems$86,326 - $227,226
Ankle injuresAnkle injury causing permanent problems$28,276 - $55,332
Ankle injury with complete recovery within 6 months
Severe ankle injury recovering within 12 months
Ankle injury causing permanent problems walking$64,870 - $106,559
Ankle injury causing severe loss of movement
Toe injuryStructural loss of any small toeIn region of $34,950
Structural loss of great toeIn region of $64,620
Structural loss of joint of great toeIn region of $34,950
Structural loss of multiple toes$42,939 - $57,967
Structural loss of all toes of a foot$76,268 - $117,587

Table 10. Urinary and reproductive injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Failed sterilisation
Ectopic pregnancy delay but fertility not affected
Structural loss of breast
Infertility following an ectopic pregnancy
Loss of sexual function
Sterility in men having minimal impact
Sterility without impotence
Sterility, caused by accident, illness or clinical negligence

Table 11. Injuries to the skin

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
ScarringMild almost invisible linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Moderate linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Moderate to severe linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Depressed cheek, nasal or frontal bones following trauma
DermatitisChronic contact dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis
Nummular dermatitis
Hand eczema
Burn injuriesGross scarring following burns to multiple body areas
Gross scarring following burns to a single body part
Sever burns in any part of the body causing long term problems
Severe burns causing loss of bodily functions
Solar induced skin diseaseMalignant Solar induced skin disease
Solar induced skin disease

Table 12. Psychiatric and psychological injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Psychiatric impairment from traumaMinor Psychiatric impairment
Moderate Psychiatric impairment
Severe Psychiatric impairment
Adjustment disorderAdjustment disorder with anxiety
Adjustment disorder with depression
Adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression
PTSDLess severe post-traumatic stress disorder$8,158 - $17,147
Moderate post-traumatic stress disorder$17,147 - $48,708
Severe post-traumatic stress disorder$123,117 - $212,662
Other psychiatric disorders

Table 13. Sense and nervous system injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Severe vertigo$300,521
Loss of smell$51,393 - $69,509
Loss of taste$39,933 - $52,389
Loss of smell and tasteIn region of $82,733
Loss of speech$244,803

Table 14. Musculoskeletal injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Back regionNon-operated Prolapsed intervertebral disc in cervical spine
Surgically treated Prolapsed intervertebral disc in cervical spine
1 Major compression fracture of thoracic spine
Pelvis regionHealed fracture to pelvis with displacement in any region
Fracture or dislocation of symphysis or sacro-iliac joint

Table 15. Hearing injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Noise induced hearing lossMild hearing lossUp to $14,478
Moderate hearing loss$31,151 - $62,488
Total deafness$186,611 - $230,762
Tinnitus'$31,746 - $63,435
Hearing loss and Tinnitus$31,746 - $63,435
Ear injuries
Partial loss of ear
Total loss of ear
Perforated ear drum
Chronic ear ache
Ear damage due to infection
Industrial deafnessLack of hearing in one or both ears
Temporary or permanent hearing loss
Ringing, buzzing or hissing noises

Table 16. Eye injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Impaired visionLoss of sight in one eye$102,887 - $113,646
Loss of sight in one eye and impaired vision in the other$132,012 - $218,035
Minor permanent loss of vision in one or both eyes$18,974 - $43,304
Serious loss of vision in one eye$49,654 - $80,805
Total blindnessIn region of $559,088
Loss of eye(s)Loss of one eye
Loss of both eyes
Minor eye injuriesScratched eye
Scarred eye
Penetrating Or Foreign Objects In The Eye
Chemical burn to the eye
Subconjunctival Hemorrhages
Orbital Blowout Fracture

Table 17. Chronic pain and suffering

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings

Table 18. Internal organ injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Lung diseasesMesothelioma
Digestive system
Kidney injury
Hernia injury
Spleen injury

Table 19. Disfigurement

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Facial disfigurement
Bodily disfigurement

Table 20. Other injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Lorem ipsum$12,210 to $34,330