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Notice: In order to keep the information in our compensation calculator as accurate as possible we are currently undergoing our annual review. This may mean our tool is temporary unavailable while we implement new data for 2020. Sorry for any inconvenience however you can still call us on 1800 106 107 for a free estimation.

How much can I claim for my injuries? Learn more about the ins and outs of Millner and Knights industry-leading online compensation calculator and payout guide below.

How does our compensation payout calculator work?

Please note: Our compensation calculator does not take into account your lawyer’s legal fees.

We developed our tool to give victims of no-fault accidents an idea of how much compensation they can get for their injuries without having to speak to a solicitor.

Our compensation payout guide and calculator can only give you an estimated figure because it’s impossible to issue an exact amount until it is accepted by the defending party or ordered by a judge.

Our innovative tool calculates your accident compensation based on your answers to a few simple questions regarding your accident and injuries.

Our calculator contains the non-economical loss part of injury compensation and is based on official figures. This means the values given by our estimator can be considered realistic, but not completely accurate.

When you use our estimator, you are simply making your own assessment. You can also include your lost earnings and other out of pocket expenses in the calculation to get an even more accurate estimation.

If you feel comfortable speaking to a lawyer about your situation, we strongly recommend calling us because they will be able to give you a better estimation.

Non-economic loss is another term for general damages or non-pecuniary damages suffered as a result of pain and suffering, disability, the impact of your quality of life, disfigurement or reduced life expectancy.

How to use our compensation payout calculator

The user-friendly interface our estimation tool boasts took us hundreds of hours to achieve.

With the end user in mind, we aimed to make our compensation payout calculator self-explanatory for people of all ages.

  • Step one in the calculation process is to state the gender of you or the injured person. We need to ask this because compensation payouts for injuries vary depending on gender.
  • Step two is to tell us what injury/injuries you or the victim has suffered
  • Step three we will ask you to confirm your personal injury to ensure your assessment is accurate
  • Step four based on your own judgement tell us the severity of your injury
  • Step five is to tell us about your lost earnings as this is claimable in addition to compensation payouts for injuries
  • Step six is where you add any additional expenses such as travel, treatment, medication repairs and care.

Once you have input your information into the calculator you receive an estimated figure. Please note that this figure isn’t final and may not be completely

Why do WorkCover payouts and motor vehicle accident compensation payouts vary so much?

Each state in Australia has its own rules and regulations which makes estimating your accident compensation quite challenging.

The state in which your accident took place, the amount of pain and suffering you endured, recovery time, treatment costs and all other out of pocket expenses or losses all make up part of your final settlement.
Our compensation payout calculator is designed to give you an estimated compensation amount without speaking to a lawyer.

Along with the non-economic loss, our calculator considers other financial losses, treatment costs and lost earnings.

We sometimes get asked, “why do compensation payouts for injuries that are almost identical vary so much?”

The reason for this is that no two cases are the same.

For example, two plaintiffs make a claim for similar injuries but one receives $200,000 and the other receives $260,000. To give you an idea of why and how this can happen we have listed some of the most common things that will affect your final settlement below.

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Your lawyer’s legal costs
  • Contributory negligence
  • Future lost earnings
  • Success fees (which are mandatory in some states)
  • The level of accident compensation in some states
  • What type of accident you have suffered

All of the things mentioned above are variables which will affect your final compensation amount

How accurate is our compensation payout guide?

Currently in Australia due to the many jurisdictions estimating accident compensation claims can be quite difficult.

It is impossible to give plaintiffs an exact figure until it is accepted by the defending party.

The only time to know for sure how much injury compensation you will receive is when your claim is either accepted by the defending party or ordered by a judge in court.

Any estimations given by our calculator do not consider any of the legal fees which your lawyer might deduct from your injury compensation.

As no two accident compensation claims are the same the amount of fees charged by a lawyer varies from case to case.

We recommend our calculator as the first step in the claims process just to give you an idea of how much injury compensation you might be entitled to.

The reason we say this is so that you can make up your own mind about claiming without having to speak to a lawyer.

Do compensation amounts for injuries differ from state to state?

Many victims of no-fault accidents ask us after using after using our compensation payout guide. “Why can I get more injury compensation if my accident happened in NSW?”

The reason for this is all states in Australia have their own rules and regulations regarding compensation payouts for injuries. Unfortunately, this is something we can’t change, However, when you make a claim with Millner and Knight you can be sure that our lawyers will fight for every penny of accident compensation you deserve.

Our compensation payout guide shows estimates for each state in Australia, but they can’t be seen as truly accurate.

We have made every effort to streamline the claims process and make our tool as accurate as possible.

What type of accidents does the compensation payout calculator work for?

Compensation amounts for injuries vary depending on what type of accident you have been in.

For example, if you take two identical injuries, one caused by a car crash and the other due to an accident at work. The chances are will receive more injury compensation for the car accident.

We have developed our estimation tool so the levels of compensation change depending on how you suffered your injury.

We have done this by taking official figures and tweaking them as accurately as possible in order to suit a variety of different accidents and injuries.

Some accident types that our compensation payout calculator can help you with include:

Work injury compensation

Work injury compensation is a very large part of compensation law.

In 2017 throughout the country there were over 104,000 serious WorkCover injury claims recorded.

Employers by law are obliged to provide their employees with a working environment that is free from dangers.

Many employees we speak to think that accidents at work only take place in industrial environments.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Employees can suffer a workplace injury in any line of work.

We can even help you claim for a work injury if you were self-employed at the time of the accident.

Why not take a look at our compensation payout guide and see if your injury is listed on there.

Note: Compensation payouts for injuries vary from state to state.

Motor vehicle accidents

Compensation payouts for injuries sustained in road accidents differ from state to state. If your accident took place in any of the Staes below, you can follow the link to get the most accurate content.

Motor vehicle accidents happen fast and often leave people confused about whose fault it was.

If you have been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, even if you didn’t suffer an injury, you more than likely suffered some kind of financial loss.

If you have been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault we know how nerve-wracking this can be. It can be even more nerve-wracking if you suffered an unexpected injury in the accident.

Whether you have suffered injuries in a car crash, motorbike accident or even injured as a whilst walking down the street, we have a national panel of personal injury lawyers who specialise in motor vehicle accident compensation claims that can help you make a successful claim.

We handle all types of road injury compensation claims on a no win, no fuss basis, including road-related fatalities and CTP claims.

If you are reading this page because you have lost someone you love in a fatal road accident, we would just like to say how sorry we are for your loss.

If you need help or support regarding your situation, feel free to call our compassionate, legally trained advisors for free.

Call us today on 1800 106 107 to find out where you stand or use our compensation payout guide to find out how much you could be owed.

Serious injury and TPD claims

Many of the people we speak to are unsure whether their injury is deemed as serious or not. Compensation payouts for injuries that are classed as serious frequently exceed seven figures.

Generally, an injury is considered serious if you have experienced:

  • Permanent or serious impairment of a body function
  • Loss of a body function
  • Permanent or serious disfigurement
  • Permanent severe/mental impermanent
  • loss of a foetus

We understand how devastating a serious injury can be to the victims and their loved ones.

For this reason, when you speak to one of our compensation lawyers lawyer about your situation, they will inform you about some things you could have the right to claim for when you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury.

Some of the most common types of serious injury and TPD claims we can help you with are:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Loss of sight, either permanently, temporarily, or partially
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Paralysis, either permanently, temporarily or partially
  • Amputations of loss of limbs
  • Life-changing burns
  • Multiple or compound injuries

If you are unsure as to whether we would consider your injury a serious one, you can call us to get this confirmed.

It cost’s nothing to speak to an expert and you won’t be under any obligation when you do.


Whiplash is probably the most frequent injury suffered in car accidents.

Even at low speeds, road accidents cause the driver and passengers of a vehicle to suffer serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries.

While seatbelts work great to restrain your body and torso, the only thing supporting your head is your neck.

During a collision or any other type of accident which causes the head to move vigorously can lead to a jolt in the neck which in turn causes whiplash.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have suffered whiplash from your accident? Or feel doubtful about the circumstances of your accident, we can help.

Call us today on 1800 106 107 to get things cleared up or check our compensation payout guide to find out how much your whiplash claim might be worth.

Medical negligence

Clinical negligence is considered by many lawyers to be the most complicated areas of compensation law.

Medical procedures can sometimes come with a consequence that was not expected.

However, this doesn’t fundamentally mean that you will be able to make a claim for an injury suffered during a medical procedure.

You also won’t be able to make a claim if a reasonable mistake was made by a medical professional made during a procedure.

If you believe that a medical professional has unnecessarily harmed you during a medical procedure, the easiest way to find out if you have grounds for a claim is to speak with an experienced medical negligence solicitor.

As one of the largest claim’s management companies in the country, Millner and Knight can help you with any type of medical or clinical negligence compensation claims.

Some of the most common types of medical negligence we help people claim for is:

  • Medical misdiagnosis
  • Infections
  • Wrongful amputations
  • Mistreatment
  • Birth negligence
  • Delayed treatment
  • GP negligence
  • Incorrect reporting of test results
  • Care home negligence
  • Worsening existing conditions
  • Hospital negligence

Please don’t worry if we haven’t mentioned the negligence you have suffered because we might still be able to help you.

Public liability

The owner of any public space has a legal duty of care towards any member of the public frequenting the area and is responsible for minimising or eliminating the risk of an accident taking place on their property.

If you’ve suffered an injury in a public place, we understand how upsetting this can be.

Many victims of public liability we talk to say that they felt so embarrassed at the time of the accident that it discouraged them from claiming public liability compensation for their injuries.

We appreciate how physically and mentally painful a public accident can be.

Our public liability lawyers specialise in making things right for people who have become injured in a public space.

If you feel up to it, you can speak to a public liability lawyer about your situation in a confidential environment for free.

You can also or try our compensation payout calculator to find out how much you could be owed for your injuries.

What type of injuries does the compensation payout guide cover?

Compensation payouts for injuries vary quite a lot, however, our calculator is capable of covering most injury types. One thing it doesn’t take into consideration is the psychological effect of your injury and the pain you endured. For this reason, your claim could be worth more, or less than stated by our compensation payout calculator.

Our compensation payout calculator also can’t take into consideration the amount of fees that your no win no payment lawyer will charge for their work.

The full list of compensation payouts for injuries our tool can estimate for are listed in the guide below.

Please don’t worry if your injury isn’t mentioned in the table because we can probably still help.

Read more about our calculator or skip to the compensation payout guide


The compensation payout calculator used on this website is designed and developed by Millner and Knight

We have made every attempt to ensure all data contained in our compensation payout guide is as accurate as possible.

When you use our compensation payout calculator, you are making your own assessment, and Millner and Knight cannot be held responsible for misleading or giving false information to anyone who uses it.

Compensation payouts for injuries vary depending on the severity and only a practising lawyer in your jurisdiction can give you an accurate estimation.


Table 1. Head and brain injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Brain damageMinor brain damage$31,623 - $89,944
Moderate brain damage$89,944 - $450,519
Severe brain damage$450,519 - $866,341
Facial trauma
Skull fractureClosed fracture
Open fracture
Depressed fracture
Basal fracture

Table 2. Neck injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Soft tissue injuriesMinor strains
Moderate strains
Permanent soft tissue damage
Nerves and/or spinal cordComplete sensory loss
Incomplete sensory loss
Exaggerated reflex or spasms
Loss of sensation
Minor loss of movement
Significant loss of movement
Muscle sprainsMinor neck sprains
Moderate neck sprains
Sprains lasting more than 28 days
WhiplashLess than 3 months to recover
Recovery within 3 to 12 months
More than 1 year to fully recover

Table 3. Shoulder injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Shoulder ArthritisRheumatoid Arthritis
Post-Traumatic Arthritis
Avascular Necrosis
Rotator cuff tearsMinor rotator cuff tears healing on their own
Tears requiring Corticosteroid injections
Tears requiring surgery
Shoulder fractureFractured clavicle (collar bone)
Fractured scapula (shoulder blade)
Fracture to shoulder joint
Shoulder ligaments tearMinor ligaments tear
Moderate ligaments tear
Ligament tear requiring surgery

Table 4. Back injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured vertebraeBurst Fracture
Flexion-distraction Fractures
Stable fractures
Unstable fractures
Minor fractures
Major fractures
Injuries to the discsBulging disc
Prolapsed Disc
Herniated disc
Sequestered Disc
Chronic painSciatica pain
Low back strain
Night time back pain
Lower middle or upper back pain
Spinal cord damageComplete spinal cord injuries
Anterior cord syndrome
Central cord syndrome
Brown-Sequard syndrome

Table 5. Arm and wrist injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured wristColles wrist fracturesIn the region of $15,806
Serious wrist injury leading to permanent problems$50,387 - $81,484
Serious wrist injury causing severe loss of movement$99,834 - $123,117
Wrist fractures or other injuries recovering within 12 months$7,390 - $10,119
Wrist injury resulting in permanent pain and stiffness$25,903 - $51,754
Wrist injury taking up to 2 years to heal$21,134
Lower arm fractureFractured scaphoid, operated
Fracture of radius, ulna or carpus bones
Serious forearm injury causing permanent damage
Upper arm fracureProximal humerus fracture
Mid shaft humerus fracture
Distal fracture
minor bicep tendon injury
Bicep tendon tears
permanent upper arm tendon damage
Arm amputationsComplete loss of arm(s)$495,231 - $633,721
Loss of arm(s) above the elbow$225,517 - $274,493
Loss of arm(s) below the elbow$203,122 - $229,888
Loss off arm(s) below the shoulderNo less that $282,071
Injury to the elbowMinor elbow fractures healing within 6 monthsup to $$26,304
Elbow fractures healing between 6 to 18 months$32,198 - $66,581
Serious elbow injury causing permanent damage$80,859 - $117,142
Tennis elbow
elbow RSI
Nerve damageCarpal tunnel syndrome
Ulnar nerve entrapment

Table 6. Fingers and hand injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Fractured fingerFracture to finger healing normally$10,005
Multiple finger fractures healing normally
Finger fractures causing permanent damage
Loss of fingersStructural loss of index fingerIn region of $39,564
Structural loss of little finger$17,776 - $25,278
Structural loss of distal joint to index finger$25,123 to $38,519
Structural loss of distal joint of little finger$8,253 to $12,375
Structural loss of ring finger$16,582 - $24,187
Thumb injuriesStructural loss of thumb$75,021 - $114,957
Thumb fracture healing normally$19,866 - $26,606
Complicated thumb fracture causing long term damage$41,080 - $74,519
Nerve damageSensory loss on either side of thumb$26,003 to $35,404
Sensory loss to fingersIn region of $27,482
Sensory loss to palmIn region of $27,482

Table 7. Hip and pelvis injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Hip and pelvis fracturesIntracapsular Fracture
Subtrochanteric Fracture
Intertrochanteric Fracture
Simple pelvic fracture
Complex pelvic fracture
Pelvic fracture and bladder rupture
Pelvic fracture and urethral rupture
Degenerative diseaseMild degenerative disease in pelvic area
Mild degenerative disease in pelvic area
Hip replacementsMetal-on-metal hip resurfacing
Total hip replacement$144,904
Other hip injuriesInjury to hip region resulting in mild loss of all movements$38,649
Injury to hip region resulting in moderate loss of all movements$80,509
Femoral neck fracture$160,998
Labral tear
Snapping hip syndrome

Table 8. Leg and knee injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Leg injuriesFractured femur (thigh bone)$18,829 - $29,508
Fractured tibia or fibulaUp to $25,016
Leg fractures resulting in long term problems$36,945 to $58,201
Amputation of leg(s)$197,593 - $579,984
Amputation of both legs below the knee$422,378 - $557,652
Amputation of one leg above the knee$197,593 - $283,046
Serious leg injury causing permanent problems$80,937 to $118,017
Severe or complicated leg fractures$54,438 - $78,374
Tibial plateau fracture$36,945 - $59,087
Knee injuriesKnee injury causing minor long term problems$30,850 - $54,914
Knee injury causing severe long term problems$54,914 - $89,769
Knee injury with total recovery$29,044
Total knee replacement$160,998
Tendon and ligamentsMinor anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL)
Moderate ACL injury healing within 6 months
Severe ACL injury requiring surgery
Torn meniscus
Minor Achilles tendon injury
Partial achilles rupture or significant tendon damage
Achilles tendon injury requiring surgery

Table 9. Feet and ankle injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Loss of feetLoss of both feet$348,377 - $417,560
Loss of one foot$173,348 - $228,140
Foot fracturesDisplaced metatarsal fractures causing permanent symptoms$28,386 - $51,99
Minor Fracture of any metatarsalup to $28,386
Severe Fracture of any metatarsal causing long term problems$86,326 - $227,226
Ankle injuresAnkle injury causing permanent problems$28,276 - $55,332
Ankle injury with complete recovery within 6 months
Severe ankle injury recovering within 12 months
Ankle injury causing permanent problems walking$64,870 - $106,559
Ankle injury causing severe loss of movement
Toe injuryStructural loss of any small toeIn region of $34,950
Structural loss of great toeIn region of $64,620
Structural loss of joint of great toeIn region of $34,950
Structural loss of multiple toes$42,939 - $57,967
Structural loss of all toes of a foot$76,268 - $117,587

Table 10. Urinary and reproductive injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Failed sterilisation
Ectopic pregnancy delay but fertility not affected
Structural loss of breast
Infertility following an ectopic pregnancy
Loss of sexual function
Sterility in men having minimal impact
Sterility without impotence
Sterility, caused by accident, illness or clinical negligence

Table 11. Injuries to the skin

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
ScarringMild almost invisible linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Moderate linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Moderate to severe linear scarring following surgery or trauma
Depressed cheek, nasal or frontal bones following trauma
DermatitisChronic contact dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis
Nummular dermatitis
Hand eczema
Burn injuriesGross scarring following burns to multiple body areas
Gross scarring following burns to a single body part
Sever burns in any part of the body causing long term problems
Severe burns causing loss of bodily functions
Solar induced skin diseaseMalignant Solar induced skin disease
Solar induced skin disease

Table 12. Psychiatric and psychological injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Psychiatric impairment from traumaMinor Psychiatric impairment
Moderate Psychiatric impairment
Severe Psychiatric impairment
Adjustment disorderAdjustment disorder with anxiety
Adjustment disorder with depression
Adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression
PTSDLess severe post-traumatic stress disorder$8,158 - $17,147
Moderate post-traumatic stress disorder$17,147 - $48,708
Severe post-traumatic stress disorder$123,117 - $212,662
Other psychiatric disorders

Table 13. Sense and nervous system injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Severe vertigo$300,521
Loss of smell$51,393 - $69,509
Loss of taste$39,933 - $52,389
Loss of smell and tasteIn region of $82,733
Loss of speech$244,803

Table 14. Musculoskeletal injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Back regionNon-operated Prolapsed intervertebral disc in cervical spine
Surgically treated Prolapsed intervertebral disc in cervical spine
1 Major compression fracture of thoracic spine
Pelvis regionHealed fracture to pelvis with displacement in any region
Fracture or dislocation of symphysis or sacro-iliac joint

Table 15. Hearing injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Noise induced hearing lossMild hearing lossUp to $14,478
Moderate hearing loss$31,151 - $62,488
Total deafness$186,611 - $230,762
Tinnitus'$31,746 - $63,435
Hearing loss and Tinnitus$31,746 - $63,435
Ear injuries
Partial loss of ear
Total loss of ear
Perforated ear drum
Chronic ear ache
Ear damage due to infection
Industrial deafnessLack of hearing in one or both ears
Temporary or permanent hearing loss
Ringing, buzzing or hissing noises

Table 16. Eye injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Impaired visionLoss of sight in one eye$102,887 - $113,646
Loss of sight in one eye and impaired vision in the other$132,012 - $218,035
Minor permanent loss of vision in one or both eyes$18,974 - $43,304
Serious loss of vision in one eye$49,654 - $80,805
Total blindnessIn region of $559,088
Loss of eye(s)Loss of one eye
Loss of both eyes
Minor eye injuriesScratched eye
Scarred eye
Penetrating Or Foreign Objects In The Eye
Chemical burn to the eye
Subconjunctival Hemorrhages
Orbital Blowout Fracture

Table 17. Chronic pain and suffering

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings

Table 18. Internal organ injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Lung diseasesMesothelioma
Digestive system
Kidney injury
Hernia injury
Spleen injury

Table 19. Disfigurement

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Facial disfigurement
Bodily disfigurement

Table 20. Other injuries

Injury typeCompensation excl lost earnings
Lorem ipsum$12,210 to $34,330