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If you are buying or selling a house, Millner and Knight can make sure that the transaction is done right. We have a panel of solicitors and settlement agents in Perth ready to help with anything from transmission applications to title changes.

In Western Australia conveyancing can be carried out by both solicitors and licensed settlement agents. Licensed settlement agents are regulated by the Department of Commerce and operate under the Settlement Agents Act 1981.

Finding the right settlement agent in Perth

As with any types of profession, you get your good people and your bad people. In an industry such as conveyancing where there is no fee regulation so it’s important to find someone that’s trustworthy and at a minimum, licensed with Consumer Protection. You should also look into whether the conveyancer is acting for the other party as it’s recommended that both parties have their own.

At Millner and Knight, we take the worry out of buying or selling your home as our panel of conveyancing solicitors and settlement agents in Perth have been chosen based on their rates and experience.

To find out how we can help you can call us free on 1800 016 107 for a no-obligation consultation.

What services do we offer

We can help you with any aspect of the

  • real estate settlements
  • related party transfers
  • and private sales

Please don’t worry if the service you are looking for isn’t mentioned in the list above as our panel is more than capable of servicing the whole of our client’s value chain.

How much will it cost?

Although we advise that costs should never be a deciding factor, fees are a huge consideration for anybody looking to buy or sell a house. So what types of fees are there?

Some of the most common fees include:

  • Professional settlement fees
  • Office and administrative costs
  • Transfer duty
  • Section 43 certificate
  • Title search
  • Transfer of land registration
  • Local authority enquiry fees
  • Bank cheque
  • PEXA
  • Extra fees 

Would you like to calculate your conveyancing fees?

Do I need to use a settlement agent?

The answer to that question is no, however, unless you are a qualified solicitor or have extensive legal practice, it would be very unwise to try to carry out the settlement by yourself.

If you do decide you would rather save the money and do it yourself it is possible but when dealing with such large amounts of money is it really worth it?

What to expect from us?

If you instruct Millner and Knight to provide you with a candidate from our vetted panel you can expect:

  • to be provided with a licenced settlement agent or experienced solicitor
  • not to be tied in, you are free to change firms at any time
  • the completion and lodgement of any related documents to transfer the details of ownership on the certificate of title;
  • perform searches in regards to titles, rates and zoning
  • all inspections and other special conditions in the contract have been completed prior to settlement
  • requests funds to proceed to settlement
  • to be kept informed about the progress of buying or selling a property and make you aware of any problems at the first opportunity
  • attend the settlement on your behalf.

How to get the ball rolling?

The best way to move forward if you are buying or selling a house id to call us for a free no obligation consultation. We will ask you a couple of simple questions regarding your situation before transferring you to one of our experts best suited in handling your matter.

You can call us on 1800 106 107 or enquire online and we can call you back