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    Get a feel for how your claim for compensation might progress by comparing your circumstances with one of the hypothetical scenarios shown below. Note that they are for informational purposes only, and not to be relied on to justify your particular situation. Alternatively, you can call one of our no win no charge solicitors for a free no obligation chat on 1800 106 107. All calls are strictly confidential and won’t be pressured into starting a claim with us.

    Pelvis Injury Following a Scooter Accident

    Arm and Leg Fractures in a Car Accident 

    Broken Arm and Spinal Disk Injuries In MVA

    Fractured Hip in Supermarket Accident

    Broken Neck in No-Fault Car Crash

    Fractured Leg and Dislocated Shoulder in Motorcycle Accident

    Compound Distal Femur fracture and Head Injury

    Injured in a no-fault car accident in WA

    Shoulder and Neck Pain Following Crash

    Fractured Clavicle and Neck Injuries In RTA

    Head Injuries in Jet-Ski Accident

    Fractured Ankle in Fall Accident

    Multiple Fractures and Delayed Whiplash

    Pelvic and Musculoskeletal injuries 

    Deep Laceration & Severed Tendon from Stepping on Broken Glass

    Skin Cancer at Work Due to Employer Negligence

    Hand and Dislocated Shoulder in Road Accident

    Injuries sustained in a no-fault MVA in QLD

    Loss of Right Leg in Trawler Boat Accident

    Severe Concussion and Anxiety After Cycling Accident

    Head and Wrist Injury in Trench Collapse

    Spinal Compression Fracture after Slip and Trip

    Severe Depression from Botched Botox

    Depression Resulting from Botched Lip Fillers

    Nerve Damage from Dog Attack 

    Severe injuries resulting from a car crash in VIC

    Facial Scars and fractured Clavicle from Dropped Tool

    RSI From Being Overworked in a Factory

    Facial Burns from Hot Surface with No Warning Sign

    Concussion from Walking into Unmarked Glass Door

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Work

    Fractured Ankle in Forklift Accident

    Thumb Amputation Resulting from Faulty Machinery

    Multiple Leg Fractures in Sporting Accident

    Scarred Eyelids and Depression from Plastic Surgery

    Loss of Vision in Left Eye from Metal Shard

    Fractured Elbow from Pothole Accident

    Displaced Nose Fracture in Rear End Shunt

    Whiplash and Fractured Eye Socket in UBER Accident

    Anxiety Depression and PTSD From Car Accident

    Fractured Tibia and Broken Nose in Taxi Smash

    Broken Neck in Staircase Fall

    Multiple Injuries in Slip Trip and Fall

    30% Hearing Loss from Workplace Noise Exposure

    Head and Shoulder Injuries from Falling Box

    Broken Leg in Faulty Ladder Accident

    Multiple Injuries in Public from Falling Sign

    Psychological Injuries from Workplace Bullying

    Fractured Skull in Motorcycle Crash

    Multiple Hand Fractures in Construction Accident

    Psychological Injuries After Needle Stick

    Work-Related Mental Health Issues

    Brain Injury in A Motor Vehicle Crash

    Broken Hip in Public Transport Accident

    Woman Scalped in Machinery Accident

    Broken Arm from Faulty Play Equipment

    Millner and Knight is one of the country’s largest claims management companies with personal compensation lawyers located throughout Australia,

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