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$XY compensation for a slip in a supermarket

$XY award for a woman who slipped in a supermarket after a freshly mopped floor was left unmarked without any warning signs.

Injuries: Fractured hip

The woman slipped in the supermarket after a wet floor was not clearly indicated. She was taken to the hospital, where she had to undergo surgery, screws were inserted into the bone to assist the healing process. She was in the hospital for a week before being discharged.

Follow-up treatment

When she returned home, she had to sleep in the lounge at home as she was unable to move up the stairs in her home. Her sister had to come to her home every morning and evening to assist with basic living tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning.

Lifestyle impact

It was diagnosed that later on, the plaintiff would almost certainly have to have a hip replacement. Surgeons’ were reluctant to give her a hip replacement at present due to her relatively young age. She was unable to work for six weeks in her job as a librarian after the accident and had to walk with the aid of crutches during this period.

Final Compensation Settlement

The court ruled that the supermarket should have had signs on the floor alerting customers and staff to the wet floor, or alternately cordoned off the area so that no members of the public stepped into the dangerous area. The supermarket was found negligible and ordered to pay $XY for damages and $XY for loss of earnings.