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$XY compensation after a motor vehicle accident whilst travelling in an Uber.

Lawyers win $XY for 21-year-old woman who suffered a fractured eye socket after an Uber accident in Perth.

Injuries: Whiplash and Fractured Eye Socket

The plaintiff was in an Uber on her way to a friend’s engagement party when another road user suddenly pulled out in front of them causing the Uber to crash into the other car.

The plaintiff jolted forward with such force that she hit her head on the front passenger headrest.

She was taken to the hospital where they found that she had suffered from a fractured eye socket.

She returned to the doctors a few days later as she had developed neck pain, they confirmed she was suffering from whiplash and prescribed strong painkillers.

Follow Up Treatment

The plaintiff visited a Physiotherapist around two weeks after the accident and attended regular sessions to help restore muscle strength.

After seeing some improvement, the frequency of the sessions slowly decreased over time.

Lifestyle impact

The plaintiff, who works as a bartender was off work for around 3 weeks following the incident.

She still occasionally suffers from neck pains and aches and has had to take a few days off work here and there because of the pain.

Prior to the incident, she attended the gym regularly, around 4-5 times a week. Since then, he has been unable to maintain the same level of fitness and struggles to lift weights that she previously managed with ease. This is expected to improve over time.

Final Compensation Settlement

This case was settled out of court and an amount of $xx was agreed between the plaintiffs and defendants’ lawyers.

The claimant admitted liability and stated they had failed to check their mirrors and surroundings before pulling out into the road.

The Uber driver also suffered from whiplash in which damages were recovered in a separate case against the driver.

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