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Our worker’s compensation lawyers servicing Perth and greater Western Australia handle all types of matters on a no win no loss basis.


  • So far in March 2020, we’ve helped 77 people with workers compensation.
  • The most recent annual publication by the state regulator showed the total number of claims lodged to be 28,161, a decrease of 2,730 from the previous lodgement year.
  • Scheme payments for the fiscal year totalled $887.5 million.
  • Studies show that for numerous reasons many workplace injuries go unreported.
  • Don’t be fooled by thinking your employer and their insurance company has your best interests at heart.
  • If you’ve suffered a physical injury in the workplace or if your psychological health has been affected as a result, Millner and Knight can help.
  • Our panel of expert workers compensation lawyers servicing Perth and WA can help you with any type matters including common law claims.
  • All claims are handled according to our strict risk-free policy.

What to know about workers’ compensation in WA

In Western Australia, employers are required by law to take out insurance for their employees. This means that if you become injured in the workplace you might be eligible to make a claim for workers’ compensation through the state’s insurance regulator.

Workers compensation is a type of wage replacement system, however, many claimants find that getting their replacement wages while they are off work can be a difficult task. In many cases, recipients of workers compensation payments feel as if their employer and the insurance company go to extreme measures to not pay them their entitlements.

At Millner and Knight our workers’ compensation lawyers acting in Perth and WA help people every day understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to recovering any money, they are rightfully owed.

If you’re having trouble accessing your entitlements, or feel as if your employer is putting their interests before yours, speak to a Worksafe expert for a free no-obligation consultation on 08 6118 1673. Our lawyers will communicate with you in a language you can understand, cutting out the legal jargon and ensuring your interests are being put first.

We’re the lump sum payout specialists

So, you’re receiving weekly payments but wondering whether or not you’re eligible to lump sum compensation?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At Millner and Knight, we help claimants recover lump sum payouts when other firms can’t. Many people who suffer a work injury believe that a lump sum payout is only available in some severe cases, however, this is incorrect. If you’ve recently had a work injury or going through an existing claim, speak to us today about the possibility of a lump sum payout.

As part of our promise and commitment to our clients, we’ll never

  • Go along with the insurance company for a quick and easy payout
  • put our interests before our clients
  • settle for less than you deserve

For straightforward, comprehensive legal advice call 08 6118 1673.

Maximum weekly benefits

We understand the burden of a workplace injury and the financial pressure it places on victims and their families. So, besides helping people recover large final settlements, well also ensure you receive the full amount of weekly entitlements too.

For instant clarification regarding payments, hours or any other work related matter please do not hesitate to call us.

What is the claims process?

Get an idea of how your claim might progress;

WorkCover WA Claims Process Infographic

Perth and WA WorkCover Claims Process Infographic

What can our workers’ compensation lawyers help you with?

Some of the most common types of injuries suffered at work include

We can also help you with many types of different workplace accident scenarios such as:

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s best to seek legal advice to find out where you stand. You can call us free today on 08 6118 1673 or start your claim online. Your call will be taken by our experienced customer service consultants who will ask you some questions regarding your individual circumstances before transferring you to a lawyer who specialises in Workers compensation cases like yours.

We can also help you if you suffered injuries in an auto accident travelling to or from work.

My worker’s compensation has been declined or pended

It is not unusual that genuine cases get disputed by the insurer, if this has happened to you it means that no payments will be made to you. It may also be the case that your matter has been put on hold while WorkCover waits for further information regarding your circumstances. In these instances, the insurer then has another 10 days to make a decision. If your case is still pended after another 10 days it will be deemed in dispute. At this point, you will need to lodge an application for conciliation.

If you are in the above situation, you may feel as if your rights are being violated and you could also be struggling financially, if so it’s important to reach out for legal advice as soon as possible.