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Our work injury experts offer free impartial advice and will not pressure you into taking things further.

Making a claim for a FIFO accident in WA

West Australian fly in fly out workers are subject to some of the toughest working conditions on earth. With 50 degree days not uncommon, workers are pushed to the extreme. Although there is generally very strict safety regulations in place on remote sites, accidents still happen. So if you’ve suffered a FIFO work accident, even if you were partly at fault, we can help you make a successful work injury compensation claim.

Employees have the right to a safe working environment at all times.

Working remotely carries higher risks that must be either eliminated or made safe by your employer. Workers also have the right to stop work immediately if they feel something is unsafe.

The majority of FIFO contracts are carried out by multinational companies that take employee safety very seriously. However, due to extreme weather conditions and tight deadlines, accidents do take place.

Wondering when to get help with workers comp?

Common causes of FIFO accidents

One of the most common causes of accidents that leads to an injury is dehydration.

Being only partially dehydrated can distort your vision and cause severe drowsiness which increases the chances of accidents taking place. Employees have the right to take shade breaks and rehydrate whenever they need to. If this basic right has been neglected, you could be entitled to compensation.

Heavy vehicle traffic is another common cause of FIFO accidents especially on remote sites in places like Kalgoorlie. Workers have suffered serious and sometimes fatal injuries as a result of being struck by vehicles and heavy machinery on remote sites. Due to the sheer size of some sites, monitoring traffic and keeping workers separated from machinery can be a big task. However, that is not an excuse that employers can use when accidents take place. You can find out more about serious injury claims by clicking here

Falls from height are another common cause of workplace accidents and fatalities across Australia. Many employers believe that for a task to be classed as working at height, it must be over 1.8 meters. This is not the case, as there is no longer any definition of working at height. So, if you’ve had a fall, no matter what height you fell from, we can help. Call our specialist fly in fly out lawyers free on 1800 106 107 or start your claim online.

Will claiming for an accident at work put my job at risk?

With high wages at stake and the thought of not being able to work in iron ore and oil and gas again, lots of employees suffer in silence.
First of all, you don’t need to worry about losing your job.

Many people we speak to are reluctant to make a claim against their employer because they think it will put their job at risk.

If an employer were to treat you any differently or terminate your employment, it would be against the law. Fairwork doesn’t take things like this lightly, and if it were to happen, you would be entitled to take legal action against them.

You can find out more about claiming against an employer here

How much can I claim for my FIFO accident

The amount of FIFO compensation you’re entitled to will depend on a number of factors. Some of the things your lawyer will take into consideration include:

  • The severity of your injury
  • Past and future loss of earning
  • Cost of treatment, medication and rehabilitation
  • Loss of amenity
  • Cost of care (even if it was given for free)
  • Travel expenses

You can use our online compensation calculator to conduct your own personal injury claims appraisal without speaking to a lawyer.

No Win, No  Drama’s

When you make a claim with us, if for some reason your case is not successful you will not be required to pay any legal costs. If your case is successful, the legal fees that you will have already agreed upon with your lawyer will be deducted from your compensation. It is worth noting that the losing side will normally pay a large part of your legal costs.

Our lawyers have helped countless FIFO workers make successful claims on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Our work injury experts offer free impartial advice and will not pressure you into taking things further.

What to do next

Whether you’re ready to start your FIFOclaim, or just looking for advice about your situation you can call our WorkSafety experts.

We can let you know in minutes if you’re eligible for compensation and whether or not you qualify for our guarantee.

You can also start your claim online, and one of our FIFO specialists will call you back. Remember our advice is free and confidential and you’ll never be pressured into claiming with us.