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If you have been affected by a workplace injury or illness the WorkSafe lawyers at Millner and Knight can make things right.

Our experts specialise in all types of WorkSafe claims on a strictly no win no fee basis. For impartial advice tailored to your individual experience call our national free adviceline on 1800 106 107.

We have conveniently located offices throughout SydneyMelbourneBrisbane and Perth.

When is the best time to speak to a WorkSafe lawyer?

Despite what you may think or have been told, the best time to speak to a lawyer regarding a WorkSafe matter is when it feels right to you. It costs nothing to pick up the phone and call us, and if you do decide to, please remember that speaking to us does not mean you are commencing legal proceedings. We will simply listen to your story and identify whether or not we can help.

Generally speaking, it’s a good time to call us if you have;

  • become injured or ill through work and something feels wrong, or
  • an existing injury or illness that has flared up or worsened, or
  • you are suffering from a psychological injury such as stress or depression, or
  • a belief that you may be entitled to a lump sum compensation payout, or
  • had a claim rejected or declined or is currently being investigated, or
  • questions about claiming for future lost earnings, or
  • been pressured or are being pressured to return to work, or
  • been told about a common law claim, or
  • an upcoming WorkSafe hearing.

If you need help or advice regarding your situation, give us a call on 1800 106 107 to find out where you stand.

How to make a WorkSafe claim

To make a claim you must first understand the type of claim you need to make and become familiar with the claims process. If you feel stuck or unsure we are here to help, however, the initial steps involve;

  1. Notifying your employer.
  2. Completing a WorkSafe claims form.

When filling out your claim form, be sure to list all the work-related injuries or illnesses that you have suffered.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you make a successful Worksafe claim. No matter whether you need legal representation, have a question you need answering or just need guiding in the right direction you can call us with no obligation.

When you contact us your call will be taken by one of our friendly customer support representatives. They will ask you a couple of simple questions regarding your situation before transferring you to a WorkSafe lawyer who handles cases just like yours. They will make you aware of your rights and entitlements as an employee but also your responsibilities. By the end of the call, you should have a good idea where you stand.

At Millner and Knight, ourselves and our partners will never ask nor pressure you into starting a claim. All calls are strictly advisory in nature but if you feel as if claiming feels right we can provide you with immediate specialist representation.

The number to call is 1800 106 107 or if you would rather enquire online open our live online chat or send us a message via one of our webforms.

What types of accidents and injuries can we help with?

We can generally help you with any type of matter, however some of the most common matters Worksafe lawyers can assist you with include;

Common injuries and illnesses

We may have omitted to mention your injury in the above list. If we have, please do not worry as we will probably still be able to help.

Common accidents and incidents

No matter what you have been through the lawyers at Millner and Knight will do their utmost to make things right.