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If you have suffered a back injury on the road, in the workplace, out in public or because of a medical mistake you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

Regardless of how your back injury came about, if your case has legal merit we’ll help you claim on a no win no fee basis.

Back and spine injury compensation

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, one in six Australians reported having back problems in 2014-15 – 3.7 million people. 80% of all these people also reported some form of mobility limitation, stopping them from working or going about their business.

The human back is complex and consists of muscle, bone, joints and nerves extending from the neck to the pelvis. An injury to this structure can cause severe pain and could cause temporary or permanent disability. The most common types of back injury include sprains and strains, fractured vertebrae and herniated disks. Some people who have suffered a back injury may experience a full recovery following a course of medicine and reduced activity. However, even relatively minor injuries are still painful, distressing and likely to result in financial loss. Injuries that are more serious could require surgery or ongoing physical therapy.

If you injured your back due to negligence or through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to make a back injury compensation claim. Our team of specialists will be able to determine your eligibility to make a claim in minutes when you call us. Either way, there is no obligation to proceed with us when you call.

Our freephone number is 1800 106 107, give us a call or ask us a question via online chat.

Please note: In some instances, a ‘no-fault’ scheme may apply which means you can claim compensation regardless of who caused the accident. 

Will I need to have my back injuries assessed?

When making a claim for compensation no matter what type of injury you suffered medical assessments are compulsory. During a medical, you will discuss with the doctor how your injuries have affected your day to day life. They will also ask you to explain in detail which parts of your life have been impacted the most. Medical assessment centres can be littered throughout Australia so when choosing a firm to handle your case it’s good to find out if they partner with medical centres in your area. This is because many firms have their usual go-to assessors, however, their preferred doctor’s practice may be in an inconvenient location for you.

Millner and Knight is a national claims management company with specialist lawyers and medical centres throughout all states.

Claiming compensation for a back injury at work

If you’ve hurt your back at work, whatever the reason or cause, our workers’ comp experts will try their best to help you make things right. Back injuries can occur in all industries and result from accidents, overworking, lack of training and general wear and tear. It’s also common that pre-existing back injuries which had seemingly heeled, become aggravated, especially those to the lower region of the spine.

Generally, most employees are covered by either their employers WorkCover or WorkSafe insurance and some states operate a no-fault scheme which allows people to make a claim for a back injury at work even if there is nobody to blame or it was their own fault. At Millner and Knight, we understand the impact and long term effect a back injury can have on your life and the lives of those around you.

After enduring a back injury in the workplace it’s important to undergo a thorough medical assessment by a doctor who specialises those types of injuries. The reason being is to highlight any potential for future repercussions such as aggravation and deterioration of tissue or complex bones in the spine. What form the outset may seem like a straightforward musculoskeletal injury often turn out to be something more sinister.

Some of the leading causes of back injuries in the workplace include;

Manual handling

Repetitively lifting and carrying heavy objects in the workplace on your own or due to improper training is a leading cause of injury. Most jobs, such as construction, civil work and mining manual handling is just part. However, you should not be required to perform intensive work, especially if there is an easier way to do things. It is your supervisors’ job to foresee times when there is going to be lots of heavy lifting. In these instances, they should implement ways to make things easier and safer such as providing mechanical liftings aids or more employees to perform team lifts. In some cases, not providing the correct training or lifting aids can result in employer negligence and will allow a worker to pursue a common law claim for damages.

If you have hurt your back and are unsure who was at fault, call one of our specialists to talk you through the accident and determine your eligibility for back injury compensation.

Claiming compensation for a back injury in a public place

Slips and trips are a major cause of back injuries in public places such as shops, supermarkets, pubs, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants and high streets. Often slip and fall accidents result from uncleaned spillages, damaged flooring or pavement, and/or other hazards left on the floor. No matter the cause, if you’ve suffered a back injury in public and something feels wrong call us to discuss your experience.

Another common cause of back injuries in public is through faulty or damaged products. These can include chairs or any other type of seating which are damaged or not fit for purpose. Typically injuries resulting from a chair that breaks can lead to prolonged lower back and spine injuries. Even the smallest height can cause a temporary or even permanent injury.

We understand that you may feel embarrassed about your accident and are reluctant to relive what happened by putting in a claim. If so please understand that we have streamlined the claims process making it easier than ever to make a claim.

Assessing the severity of your back injury 

Back and spine injuries range in type and severity and a GP or medical professional will require to examine you for an expert opinion. The medical report is used as evidence to make your case stronger. Your specialist back injury lawyer uses this evidence to demonstrate your pain and suffering has had a detrimental effect on your daily life, finances, and those around you.

If you’re considering making a claim or just need more information, you can get in touch with our specialists on 1800 106 107. They’ll let you know whether they think you have a claim and answer all your questions. If you choose to make your claim for compensation with us, you can do so on a no win no fee basis to ensure you’re not left out of pocket if you lose.

How much is back injury compensation claim worth

The amount of compensation owed to you for a back injury suffered in a no-fault accident will depend on the severity of your injury. Many variables make contribute to the final compensation amount. the two main factors of back injury compensation would be past and future lost earnings and pain and suffering.

In order to get a high compensation payout, you should choose a lawyer who specialises in back injuries to handle your claim. This way no stone is left unturned when negotiating your compensation. Millner and Knight have lawyers across the country who practice in these types of cases and offer conditional costs agreements in most instances.

Try our new back and spine injury calculator to find out how much compensation you could be owed.

What to do next

So if you have suffered back injuries like the ones mentioned above (or something similar) and want to learn more about claiming compensation, we can help.

The best way to start a claim is with a free no-obligation consultation with one of our customer service consultants. A practising lawyer will then determine your eligibility and let you know if you can make your claim for compensation.

Why Millner and Knight?

Our back injury lawyers are committed to getting you maximum compensation for your back injury. Every day we help people injured in no-fault accidents start their journey to compensation.

When you call us, we will never ask or pressure you into starting your claim with us. You will receive impartial advice tailored to your situation and be able to speak with a solicitor who specialises in cases like yours.

At the end of our phone call, it’s up to you whether you wish to take things further or not. If you do, we can provide you with top-class legal representation anywhere in Australia.

FAQ’s about back injury compensation

How much is the average settlement for a back injury?

The average settlements for back injury claims vary quite dramatically depending on several factors.

Some of the things your lawyer will take into account when negotiating your final settlement include:

  • Your age and profession
  • The severity of your injuries
  • Any need for future medical treatment
  • Type of accident that caused your back injury

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