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We can help you get back on your feet. If you’ve slipped, tripped or fallen in a public place, our liability solicitors can help you claim the compensation you deserve on a no win no-risk basis.

The law surrounding slip and fall claims differs from state to state. If you’ve been injured in any of the states below please follow the relevant link to view the most accurate content.

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Make a slip and fall claim

Have you slipped, tripped, and fell on a footpath or pavement, shop, restaurant, supermarket or any other public place anywhere in Australia? If so, we may be able to to make a successful slip and fall compensation claim.

Many people are unaware that tripping and injuring themselves may entitle them to make a claim for compensation. If you have had an accident Millner and Knight’s legal team can litigate on your behalf to remedy the situation, from a financial standpoint.

To start your journey towards compensation or to make an enquiry call 1800 106 107. We can quickly advise you whether or not you have a case and also what you could achieve in terms of monetary compensation.

Footpath/pavement trip and fall claims

A government entity is responsible for maintaining every single road and footpath in Australia. If a road surface or footpath has been poorly maintained resulting in a fall and subsequent injury, you may be eligible for a claim. The local Council must have checks and balances in place for maintaining footpaths and ridding them of potential hazards. The busier the roads and walkways are the more maintenance is required.

If one finds a defect, the local council has a duty to repair the defects promptly so that it doesn’t cause harm to an innocent member of the public. Local councils must also act on any complaints received about a road or footpath and if the council fails to repair it and you’ve become injured, your claim is likely to succeed.

Causes of slip trip and falls

Some of the most common causes of accidents on footpaths and in public spaces include:

  • Damaged footpaths caused by vehicles or tree roots
  • Uncleaned spillages
  • Uneven kerbs or paving slabs
  • discarded packaging
  • Hazards such as road signs or drain covers
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Incorrectly laid paving
  • Poor maintenance of streets and footpaths
  • Poor treatment by nearby property owners

Please don’t worry if we have omitted to list the scenario which caused your injuries because we might still be able to help

Eligibility for footpath slip trip and fall claims

Guidelines for making a claim with us include, but are not limited to:

  • You must have been injured
  • It must have occurred in a public space
  • It was someone else’s fault or the fault of a local authority
  • It must have happened on a public road or footpath

If you want to make a compensation claim for a trip on footpath or pavement we advise that you consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Medical records relating to your injury will be submitted as evidence to advance your claim.

If convenient we recommend that you take a picture of the defect that caused you injury. If possible, use an object or a ruler in order to demonstrate the size of your trip hazard. Your photograph is especially useful if the offending defect is repaired.

Unfortunately, if you’ve tripped on a paving and the defect measured fewer than 25 millimetres you probably won’t be able to make a successful claim.

If you’re unsure or require more information, call us free on 1800 106 107. Our trained advisors will let you know if you have a genuine claim and help you lodge a claim for compensation.

We treat all claims individually. We can only make a determination if you provide us with relevant information. Once you call, there’s no obligation to claim because we are here to provide free and confidential advice.

You can also start your injury claim online by filling out our online claims form.

How much compensation am I entitled to?

Factors that affect your compensation amount are:

  • Type of injury
  • Financial losses
  • Severity of injuries

The best way to ascertain the projected amount of claimable compensation is to speak with a personal injury specialist on 1800 106 107.

They’ll listen and answer any questions you have. If you do choose to proceed, they will put you through to a lawyer who has experience in such claims.

For a broad estimate, you can also use our free claims calculator, which draws data from injuries similar to yours.

If you’re ready to commence your journey toward compensation, give us a call on 1800 106 107. Alternatively, you may complete our online form, and we’ll call you back.

What is ‘no win, no charge?’

No win, no charge’ or a conditional fee agreement is a legal claims process that waives any fees or charges payable by the injured party if the claim is unsuccessful.

This documents the scope of work of the legal proceeding and the proportion of entitlements you will receive if the claim is successful.

If you elect to engage Millner and Knight for your accident or illness claim, there is nothing to pay up-front. We will inform you of your eligibility to claim under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement in your initial consultation.

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