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$XY compensation for fracture and a minor head injury after a no-fault car accident

Lawyers win $XY for 25-year-old woman who suffered multiple injuries after a car accident in Melbourne.

Injuries: Compound distal femur fracture and minor head injury

The plaintiff was driving in the outer suburbs of Melbourne when another road user failed to give way at a T-junction. The plaintiff was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery where screws were inserted to hold the bones back together and a cast was placed around the fracture. She also suffered from a concussion and was prescribed anti-inflammatories.

Follow Up Treatment

The cast was removed after 2 months. Following the removal of the cast, the plaintiff underwent rehabilitation once she was allowed to put weight on her leg.

Within 2 months of rehabilitation, normal muscle strength was restored, and joint motion had improved drastically.

Lifestyle impact

The plaintiff whose occupation is as a waitress was unable to work for 6 months but eventually managed to return to work once the fracture had fully healed.

Prior to the accident, the plaintiff enjoyed swimming. Whilst the cast was on she was unable to do this but once it was removed she was able to return. As this is non-weight bearing, the physiotherapist advised that this helped her recovery.

Final Compensation Settlement

The case was settled by lawyers without the need to go to court. There was no question when it came to who was at fault as the defendant had

clearly not given way and had admitted liability when they informed the state insurer.

A settlement was initially offered of $XY which the lawyers respectfully declined as they believed that the plaintiff was entitled to more. They fought for their client and an amount of $XY was finally offered which the plaintiff happily accepted.

The settlement awarded to the plaintiff included her loss of earnings from the time in which she had been able to work.

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