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Lawyers win $XY for a 54-year-old who suffered hearing loss while working.

Injuries: 30% Hearing Loss

The plaintiff who had worked in a factory for many years started to notice he was having trouble hearing which was getting worse over time.

He noticed that he was having trouble hearing people and was often told by his partner to turn the television down.

After visiting the doctors, they confirmed that he had 30% hearing loss and that the probable cause was due to being exposed to loud noises over a substantial period of time.

Follow Up Treatment

Although a hearing aid isn’t currently required, he has been advised that should his hearing worsen that a hearing aid would be the next step.

Lifestyle impact

The implications the hearing loss has had on the plaintiff tend to be social and phycological.

He finds he often has to ask people to repeat what they are saying and finds it very difficult to hear people in noisier social environments like parties or when in the local pub.

Final Compensation Settlement

The case in question was unable to be settled out of court as the employers were disputing the fact that the hearing loss was brought on as a result of the working environment.

The documents presented by the plaintiff’s lawyers included a statement from a medical professional stating that the hearing loss suffered by the claimant would only have been induced from a spending long hours in a noisy environment.

After this, the employees admitted liability and a final settlement of $xx was agreed between the claimants and defendants’ lawyers