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$XY compensation for head and shoulder injuries from a work-related accident.

Lawyers win $XY for a 32-year-old woman who sustained head and shoulder injuries in a worker’s compensation claim.

Injuries: Head injuries and Shoulder injuries

The client was working in the back of a retail store. The client had to go into the back of the store to get stock for a customer. As she walked into the storeroom to retrieve the stock, she walked in between 2 tall shelves. As she walked past a few boxes on the topmost shelf fell off and landed on the head and shoulder of the client.

The weight of the boxes was enough to force the client to the ground. Assisted by a colleague the client was helped to the hospital. The client was presented to the hospital with a large cut to her ear. Also, pain radiating from her shoulder blade.

Follow-up treatment

The client went to the hospital where they cleaned, stitched, dressed and scanned her head. The hospital confirmed there is nothing abnormal with her scans which lead the doctors to believe she had no long-term symptoms.

The client was given a soft neck brace support and minimise any further damage. The scans in her shoulder show no broken bones.

Hydrotherapy was recommended for the client, it took almost 3 years for her symptoms to alleviate completely.

Lifestyle impact

The client has not been able to return to work in the retail industry in Perth and has had to make lifestyle adjustments. The financial situation has changed since the time of the client’s injuries.

The client has 2 young children which she cannot care for alone with these injuries. The client’s mother has moved in with the client in order to care for the client and her children.

Final Compensation Settlement

After an investigation the shelves the boxes fell from are faulty. Employees of the store had reported it previously yet no corrective actions were evident on the company’s behalf.

Amongst the negotiations, the client was awarded a sum of $XY to compensate for her injuries sustained from the company’s negligence. The settlement amount was calculated according to the client’s pain and suffering, medical expenses and many other factors were considered.

Both parties settled among negotiations in the preliminary stages of the claim. Therefore, it did not need to be escalated to the court system resulting in a speedy process for the client.