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XY compensation for brain injury from a motor vehicle collision.

Lawyers win $XY for a 29-year-old man who suffered a brain injury in a serious car crash.

Injuries: Brain Injury

The client was driving along a freeway near Melbourne. The road is a long stretch as the client drives this distance he did not see any other cars driving, only large trucks.

The client was driving along and at some point, the truck crossed over to the client’s lane. The client was able to veer off the road to avoid the collision but unfortunately hit a boulder with his left wheel and flipped the vehicle more than once, landing upside down.

Follow-up treatment

The client was rushed to the nearest hospital and treated for a traumatic brain injury. MRI and CT scans showed bleeding to the brain which required emergency surgery to stop bleeding. This was performed to minimise additional damage to brain tissues.

Rehabilitation included regular sessions with Physiatrist, Speech pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Rehabilitation nurse.

The client still experiences some symptoms such as persistent headaches and slurred speech.

Lifestyle impact

A brain injury can magnify the risks factors associated with homelessness and family breakdown, loss of support networks, family violence, unemployment, illness, drug and alcohol use or criminal behaviour.

The client’s marriage has broken down directly caused by the client’s injuries. The client now down to one income has faced the possibility to move in with family members. The client’s two children are in custody of the client’s mother.

Final Compensation Settlement

The client’s and defendant’s solicitors commenced negotiation to try and reach an amicable settlement. In addition to the client’s car accident lawyers suing for pain suffering and loss of amenity, the client claimed a financial loss.

Both parties were able to come to an agreement where the client was awarded a sum of $XY for his pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of income. Settling the claim at the negotiations stage ensures a speedy process for the client which saved him a considerable amount of money in legal fees.

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