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$XY Compensation for a worker in Perth who fell off a faulty ladder and broke his leg.

Lawyers Win $XY for 23-year-old man who broke his leg after a fall at work.

Injuries: Broken Leg

The plaintiff, who was employed as a painter at the time of the accident suffered a broken leg after falling due to a faulty step.

He was painting the exterior of a house when he began to descend down the ladder. He placed his foot on the step when it detached under his weight causing to fall to the ground.

He was taken to the hospital where the doctors confirmed he had suffered a compound fibula fracture.

Screws were inserted to help stabilise the fracture and antibiotics were administered to reduce the risk of infection.

The plaintiff’s leg was put in a cast to help support the healing process and he was sent home with painkillers.

Follow Up Treatment

Following the removal of the cast, the plaintiff underwent physical rehabilitation to help his leg regain muscle strength and flexibility.

He was also given exercises to complete at home in order to speed up the healing.

Lifestyle impact

Luckily, due to his age, the plaintiff’s leg healed relatively quickly, and he was back on his feet and able to return to work after 3 months.

His livelihood has however been affected. Prior to the incident the plaintiff enjoyed playing Aussie rules football but has not yet returned to playing out of fear of injury.

Final Compensation Settlement

This case was settled between the claimant’s and defendants’ lawyers without the need to go to court.

The employer admitted liability, stating that regular checks had not been made on the equipment used daily by their employees.

They acknowledged that their negligence was the root cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

An amount of $XY was offered and agreed upon