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$XY compensation for head, wrist and rib injuries

personal Injury lawyers win $XY for a 32-year-old Sydney man who suffered head injuries in a jet-ski accident

Injuries: Head injuries, broken wrist and ribs

The plaintiff was riding a jet ski near Sydney Heads when he fell off and was struck by another jet-ski. Only the quick reaction of witnesses in a nearby boat, who hauled the unconscious man out of the water, and the buoyancy of the lifejacket he was wearing, saved his life.

Follow-up treatment

The plaintiff was rushed to hospital by ambulance suffering from a concussion, a broken wrist and ribs and placed under observation for 24-hours. He was confused, disorientated and retained no memory of the accident. He had a pin placed in his wrist and his mobility was restricted for two months as his broken ribs healed. However, he continued to suffer migraine headaches after the accident, dizzy spells, blackouts and difficulty concentrating for meaningful periods.

Lifestyle impact

After being off work for several months, the plaintiff returned to his place of employment but had to drastically reduce his work hours as a bank manager to half days, two to three days a week due to the need for extensive rest. He was previously active as a twice-a-week golfer at his local club but has been unable to participate in any sport or physical activity since the accident due to fatigue issues. Albeit an avid reader, he has been unable to read a book since the incident.

Final Compensation Settlement

The court ruled that the plaintiff was entitled to $XY compensation as he had suffered a loss of income, medical expenses and physical and emotional trauma due to the accident. From the testimony of people who witnessed the accident from shore and in the boat from which the plaintiff was rescued, the second jet ski that struck the plaintiff was ridden too close to avoid the collision and in a reckless manner. The court found that the second jet-ski rider was liable for $XY in damages.