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Lawyers win $XY for a 22-year-old man who suffered head injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Injuries: Head Injuries and multiple facial lacerations.

The client was walking home from a bus stop. The client was a university student from RMIT who had finished classes for the day and caught the bus home. The bus stop that the client got off was only 200m away, and the client walked home from the bus stop.

The client reached an intersection and there was a crosswalk available. She pressed the button and waited for the light to turn green. As the light turned green the client proceeded to cross the road. The defendant failed to stop at the red light and collided with the client.

The client sustained head injuries as the impact threw the client backwards and he had landed on his head. The client continued to slide across the road then resulting in multiple facial lacerations.

Follow-up treatment

The client was escorted to the hospital via ambulance from the scene. Injuries to the client’s face were varying as some were cleaned and dressed, and some required stitches. For several weeks the client experienced blurred vision, memory problems and troubles focusing. The intensity lessened, but client brain activity could not return to its pre-accident state.

Multiple scans were performed, and no physical damage was visible. The symptoms he sustained were documented as psychological as the client continued to develop anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Lifestyle impact

The client had previously been a university student but had to discontinue because of his troubles with memory and focus. The client found he was not able to keep up