Broken Arm From Faulty Play Equipment

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$XY compensation for arm injuries from an accident at school.

Lawyers win $XY for a 7-year-old boy who sustained arm injuries in a public liability claim.

Injuries: Arm Injuries

The boy was playing on the outdoor playground with a few of his classmates. The client was swinging on part of the playhouse, the bar broke off sending the boy off the top of the playhouse onto the sandpit landing on top of the bar. The bar was made of some metal alloy and pierced his upper arm.

As the bar was rusted off in parts the metal was sharp enough to pierce through the client’s upper arm. The child was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Follow-up treatment

The client was treated for upper arm injuries in the local hospital. The medical staff confirmed there was no debris before cleaning and stitching the wound. Wounds dressed.

Lifestyle impact

The wound had the client missing quite a bit of school to heal the wound. The scar is large and spreads across the client’s upper arm. The scar extends 8cm long.

The client became very aware of his scar. The scar developed over time the tissue mass had been overdeveloped in some areas making the scar very raised. The client was self-conscious about the scar and his mother claimed his personality had changed dramatically.

The client is now afraid of hospitals and chose to opt out of playing outside or with friends. The child now overthinks most everyday tasks and prefers not to contribute and be withdrawn.

Final Compensation Settlement

The playground equipment was found to not meet regulation and the last service or check-up was more than 7 years ago. The defendant was found liable as they had not taken their responsibility to provide a safe environment.

The defendant admitted liability, and both parties we able to come to an amicable agreement for settlement. The client was awarded $XY for his accident compensation.