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$XY compensation for broken ribs from a car accident

Lawyers win $XY for a 27-year-old man who broke his collarbone in a car accident in Perth.

Injuries: fractured collarbone and whiplash

The client was driving near Elizabeth Quay and was rear-ended by another vehicle when the traffic had slowed down. The impact was quite strong for a 60km zone forcing the client forward into the in front vehicle, deploying an airbag which fractured the client’s collarbone. The client suffered whiplash in his neck along with the fractured collarbone. An ambulance was on scene and escorted the client to the hospital.

Follow-up treatment

Fortunately, the injuries sustained did not require surgery. The client had 8 weeks rest before engaging in physiotherapy as recommended by doctors. The rest time was extended by a few months as the whiplash contributed to the client’s overall well-being and ability to participate in rehabilitation.

Lifestyle impact

The clients had returned to work after 10 months off work. The plaintiff is a government worker and has been able to return to work with little changes in performance and ability. As client spend the day on the computer, he found that his injuries have little impact on his current job. He had been in constant pain for the 10 months at home, and not able to be active without inflicting pain from his wounds. The plaintiff had gained a significant amount of weight leading to some changes to his lifestyle.

Final Compensation Settlement

Through initial negotiations, the defendant had admitted liability and understood that her actions of negligence had resulted in the seriously injuring the client.

Mediation sessions allowed the two parties to settle upon an amount that could accommodate the client for the whole incident.

Taking many factors into consideration before negotiating a fair amount for both parties, the client was awarded $XY. This was settled to compensate for his injuries, medical expenses, suffering and loss of earnings.