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No amount of money can make up for what you’ve been through. Although we can’t turn back the clock, our lawyers can help you make a serious injury compensation claim to help you get back to you.

What is a serious injury?

There is much trauma – both physical and mental – when someone sustains grave or serious injuries through no fault of their own. Serious injury can impair one’s ability to earn an income, affect their mental well-being, and relationships with others.

If you suffered serious injuries due to negligence or via no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. If your injury caused:

  • Ongoing physical and medical treatment
  • Repeated or ongoing hospital or specialist assessments
  • Lengthy periods of under- or unemployment

The financial effects from these actions may cascade into enormous out-of-
pocket costs such as:

  • Out-of- clinic care by professionals
  • Future loss of income and superannuation
  • Unable to fulfil duties at your place of employment, thus impairing your ability to advance your career or find new job opportunities
  • Modifying your home to accommodate restricted movement due to injury

The lawyers at Millner and Knight can make a broad assessment of your eligibility for a personal injury claim. If we determine you have a firm “no win, no fee” case to lodge, we will advise you of this during our no-obligation consultation.

If you’d like to find out if you are eligible to make a claim, talk to one of our expert no win, no charge lawyers free on 1800 106 107.

Our lawyers can assist you in making a serious injury claim

Every day we help people who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries start their journey towards compensation. Some of the most common accidents that cause serious injuries include:

Preparing documentation to begin a serious injury claim is not only time consuming, but fraught with mental trauma and reminders of the accident. The experts at Millner and Knight won’t press you into making a claim you aren’t ready for and will assist with all facets of your claim to ensure the best chance of success.

  • The date of the incident
  • Medical transcripts and documentation
  • Statements about pain and restricted mobility, including doctor’s diagnoses
  • Information about your employment status, such as time off work
  • Modifications made in your daily life, home and routines directly related to your injury
  • Fuel receipts and other resources expended by loved ones or carers who have assisted you during your recuperation
  • This also takes into account care given to you without recompense

To find out if you are eligible for a serious injury claim, call the lawyers at Millner and Knight who can help you through the process. Ring 1800 106 107 for an obligation free consultation.

Factoring in severity and urgency of claims

A serious injury can have immediate and long-term effects on how one lives life on a daily basis.

For example, your day may consist of travelling to hospital or specialist offices, modifications to your house (wheelchair ramps, handrails, etc.) or in-home counselling sessions by a trauma counsellor or psychologist.

These all cost money and are required for your rehabilitation. If you cannot work and must pay for all of these modifications or treatments out of pocket, it only worsens an already fraught financial situation. This can be made urgent due to the severity of your injuries, which may require round-the-clock treatment and care.

Your assessment professional will propose any apparatus or service that allows you to recover quicker be included as part of your compensation claim. This may include physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, or modifications to your home or vehicle.

If you require a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or motorised scooter, this will also be part of your lawyer’s recommendations. These might be part of your home, such as stairlifts, amenities relocation, or wheelchair access. All of this is put forward as part of the claim.

If you have any questions regarding your immediate needs or want to find out where you stand following a serious injury, contact us today for free on 1800 106 107. There’s no obligation to proceed.

Facts about serious injuries in the Australian workplace

According to Safe Work Australia, 107,355 Australians claimed compensation for serious injury over 2014-15. Serious employee compensation claims extend to injuries that caused an absence at work over one week in length.

90% of these claims were for musculoskeletal disorders or physical injury.

Muscular stress while lifting or handling objects caused 32% of serious claims, while falls, trips, and slips caused 23% of serious claims.

In all, 9.5 serious claims resulted per million hours worked.

The median compensation paid for a serious claim was $10,900 for male employees and $8,900 for female employees.

To have an in-depth conversation with a lawyer, call us on 1800 106 107.

How much compensation can I get?

Different factors are taken into account when calculating our compensation such as the severity of your injuries and the state in which your accident occurred.

You can make your own assessment online, without having to speak to a lawyer using our compensation calculator.

What to do next

Some of the serious injuries one can claim for extends, but is not limited to:

Our expert lawyers make a determination if you can claim compensation for your injury, even if you are unsure of who was at fault. Call 1800 106 107 for more information and to discuss your options.

You can also use our compensation calculator, here.