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$XY compensation for emotional damages from a salon treatment.

Lawyers win $XY for a 23-year-old woman who suffered emotional damages in a botched beauty therapy.

Injuries: Botched Lip Fillers

The plaintiff went to a local beauty salon to get lip fillers. This is not the first time the client had lip fillers and has had 3 successful sessions at another salon. However, it was the first time she had the procedure done with this clinic. The procedure was completed, and she continued home without question.

When at home, the swelling and redness did not subside, and the client realised the filler was not symmetrical. The client was told to massage the bumpiness out and yet after 4 days the condition of her lips did not improve. The plaintiff was left with non-symmetrical lips with a lumpy, painful texture to her lips, she did not leave the house for days and was unable to eat for over a week.

Follow-up treatment

The plaintiff sought medical assistance and a plastic surgeon had extracted the fillers from the client’s lips and had a few days of healing time. After this treatment, the client’s lips had returned to original state.

Lifestyle impact

The client was not able to eat for a week and was in pain for a few weeks until the corrective procedure had healed. Client suffered and was in pain the week before corrective surgery. 6 months after the accident the client has returned to her pre-accident state.

Final Compensation Settlement

The client and the defendant had not initially agreed on who was responsible, but after initial findings, the defendant was found to be liable for the client’s injuries.

The client was awarded $XY for pain and suffering and medical expenses for her botched implants.

The defendant was liable as the technician was not adequately trained and had injected the fillers incorrectly which lead to the bumpy texture, appearance and severe swelling. The defendant settled to pay the compensation and re-evaluate business practices to avoid future incidents.

Both parties were at an understanding early in the negotiations stage as they’ve settled for an amount of $XY for the client’s injuries and methods to avoid having this accident repeat itself in the future. The settlement agreed upon in negotiations stage assists the client in having a speedy process.