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$XY compensation for from a medical negligence claim.

Lawyers win $XY for a 24-year-old woman emotional damages due to clinical negligence.

Injuries: Development of Needle Phobia and Chronic Depression.

The plaintiff went into her usual business place for a Botox session in her armpits. This process is to help the client reduce sweat in that targeted body part. A registered nurse administered the needle who was employed by the defendant. She had inserted a needle that had been used for another client in the previous session. The plaintiff was made aware of this incident on a phone call from the defendant. She spent one full year of many blood tests and the prospect of having HIV or Hepatitis B. The client developed a phobia of needles and relationships deteriorated which lead her to chronic depression.

Follow-up treatment

The plaintiff started attending sessions with a psychiatrist who confirmed she had endured emotional stress in the past 15 months leading to her current mental state. Client’s tests have all cleared and fortunately did not contract any blood transmitted diseases. She was prescribed anti-depressants and is recommended to participate in an exposure therapy to manage her needle phobia.

Lifestyle impact

Facing the prospect of having a life-long disease, the client’s relationship with her husband deteriorated and lead to the breakdown of their marriage. The client’s severe depression left the client unable to leave her home which contributed to the depreciation of her friendships and select family members. The client was employed as a salesperson in a call centre, and yet due to the depression, she found she was unable to create rapport with clients anymore. This is the reason to why the client could no longer complete the basic tasks of her profession.

Final Compensation Settlement

Taking into consideration the impact on the claimant’s personal life, friendships, and profession, both parties agreed on an amount of $XY.

Liability was not hard to find as the defendant admitted liability and were willing to negotiate a settlement without needing to escalate the case any further. As the negotiations were settled in mediation sessions the client was able to have a speedy process to her compensation.