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$XY compensation for psychological damage from a public liability case.

Sydney lawyers win $XY for a 10-year-old girl who psychological damage in a public liability case.

Injuries: Psychological Damage

The client was playing in a local public playground. The client was playing in the sand when she was pricked by something sharp. Upon her mother’s investigation, the sharp object was discovered to be a used needle.

The client was taken to the hospital and GP for blood tests. As they were testing for all sorts of illnesses, disease, infections, etc the client was found to spend a year participating in many blood tests and other tests.

The client eventually developed a phobia of needles, doctors and hospitals.

Follow-up treatment

The client had spent a year completed so many blood tests and other tests that she has developed a debilitating fear of needles, doctors and hospitals.

The client had been attending regular psychologist sessions and had exposure therapy, but the symptoms have eased but still strong enough induce an anxiety attack.

Lifestyle impact

The client was 10 at the time and was not able to attend school regularly that year as the psychological injuries she sustained increased her anxiety in public areas. The probability that the client would go outside is much lower than the client was pre-accident.

Though there was no physical disease contracted from the used needle, the client endured possibly life-long symptoms.

Final Compensation Settlement

The client did attempt to negotiate with the defendant for a settlement, unfortunately, this case was escalated to a court hearing in Sydney.

Liability was not admitted but after investigations, the judge found the defendant liable for the client’s injuries.

The judge had awarded the client with $XY for her pain and suffering, medical expenses and other factors. The claim was submitted by the client’s mother, on behalf of the client.