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Lawyers win $XY for a 22-year-old man who suffered multiple fractures to his leg in a sporting incident.

Injuries: Multiple fractures to leg.

The plaintiff was playing a local AFL game and was kicked by someone in the opposing team once the game was over. It is understood the defendant was not happy about the outcome of the game. He was not facing the defendant when he approached him and kicked him in his right leg. This kick caused multiple fractures in the client’s leg.

Follow-up treatment

Following surgery, the plaintiff had to undergo extensive rehabilitation, including ongoing weekly medical consultants and physiotherapy.

6 months after the surgery, he commenced physiotherapy, but the full movement of his leg is not the same as it’s pre-accident condition. The plaintiff experiences pain when he puts his whole weight on his leg.

Lifestyle impact

The client cannot continue recreationally playing AFL which is a large contribution to his athletic lifestyle. The injury contributes to the client’s ability to work as he is a warehouse manager. The client cannot walk long distances without pain and his job consists of walking the warehouse and checking operations.

Constant pain is evident in the client’s everyday life as he cannot sleep leaving him with chronic fatigue, lack of appetite and generally moodiness.

Final Compensation Settlement

final settlement was agreed upon by both parties during negotiation stages. As there were multiple witnesses that depicted the defendant kicking the client without the ball being near the client. Also, the defendant had kicked the client when the game was already finished which strengthens the client’s argument that the defendant caused harm to him maliciously.

The client was awarded $XY for his injuries and pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of income. The settlement was agreed upon in lawyers negotiations which allow the process to be speedier than proceeding to a court hearing.