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$XY compensation for multiple fractures to his hand from a worker’s compensation case.

Lawyers win $XY for a 27-year-old man who suffered multiple fractures to his hand in a work-related incident.

Injuries: Multiple fractures to Hand.

The client is a qualified carpenter and was hired to work on a construction site. Beams of large pieces of timber are transported across the site by crane. The large and heavy beams are attached to the crane and lifted to its destination.

Due to malfunction in the securing locks, one beam slid out of the harness. The beam was already descending so the drop as not too high.

The client saw the piece of wood falling and quickly moved out of the way, but the piece of timber managed to crush the client’s left hand. The last 2 fingers were crushed by a large piece of structural timber.

Follow-up treatment

The client was transported to the nearest emergency hospital where surgery was needed. Screws were inserted into the client’s last 2 fingers to assist in the foundation for healing. After a few weeks, the client removed the screws as healing was on schedule.

Medical staff had a few follow-up appointments to check the progress of the client’s healing. When deemed fit enough the client could go without his caste and begin physiotherapy.

Lifestyle impact

The client was not able to return to work during the healing period of almost 7 months. Once he was deemed fit enough by his doctor the client returned to work- at first on light duties then eventually resumed his usual duties.

The client could not resume his usual hobbies or tasks around the house. The pain the client experienced affected his ability to sleep and the client found he was dependent on sleeping aids.

Final Compensation Settlement

The client and the defendant were to comes to terms of an agreement in the negotiations stage. The client was awarded $XY for his injuries, pain and suffering, medical expense and other factors.

As the two parties were able to agree, the case was not escalated to the Courts. The early agreement allowed for this case to settle quickly, reducing the plaintiff’s legal fees.