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$XY compensation for psychological damages from a workplace compensation claim.

Perth solicitors win $XY for a 50-year-old man who suffered psychological damages in a work-related incident.

Injuries: Psychological Damages

The client was working with the defendant with no issue for more than 15 years. As the client was recently promoted to manage a department if the defendant’s business. The department had a high turnover in staff which left the department understaffed. The client dealt with this over demanding workload for over a year.

The client had taken up over time without any payment to be able to cope with the workload. The client’s manager was constantly undermining the client making the overworking and stressful situation worse.

The client attending counselling sessions and taken extended time off work for his mental health.

Follow-up treatment

The client developed symptoms including insomnia, moodiness, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. The client had been exposed to counselling, yet it did not alleviate the symptoms.

The client continued to experience the symptoms 2 years later.

Lifestyle impact

The client is not able to work. The client has severe anxiety and depression reactions when placed in a workplace. The client can complete duties for a short period of time. Eventually, the anxiety attacks are too frequent leaving the client unable to complete basic tasks.

The client was in a long-term relationship when he was first promoted. The client’s lack of sleep contributed to the breakdown of their relationship.

Final Compensation Settlement

Initially, the defendant did not agree that they were liable for the client’s damages as he disputes the circumstance. Further investigation shows the client had reported the situation to human resources, and no action was taken from the complaint.

The case was escalated to civil court in Perth and the defendant was found responsible for the client’s injuries. The client was awarded $XY for pain and suffering, loss of income and emotional damages.

The judge found the defendant liable as they did not respond to the client’s complaint appropriately. Unfortunately, as there was a dispute of liability this case was escalated to the courts.