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$XY compensation for nerve damage after a dog attack.

Compensation Lawyers win $XY for a 48-year-old woman who suffered nerve damage in a dog attack.

Injuries: Multiple fractures in the left hand and Nerve Damage.

The client was at the local park with her grandson. After 30 minutes or so in the park, the client and her grandson proceed to walk home. Roughly, 400 m away from her home a leash-less dog came running from a property and attempted to attack the client. The client was trying to pick up her grandson, so he was out of harm’s way, but the dog managed to bite and latch onto the client’s left hand. With assistance from the owner, she was able to free herself from the dog. The defendant drove the client and her grandson home, where the client sought medical attention.

Follow-up treatment

Surgery was performed to reduce or minimise long-term nerve damage. With regular physiotherapy sessions, the client had long-term never damage leaving her numb in most parts of her hand. Motor skills are shaky and unstable and plateaued showing no signs of improving any further.

Lifestyle impact

The client’s lifestyle changed dramatically. The client has nerve damage to her dominant hand leaving simple tasks such as writing, food preparation, personal hygiene and driving impossible with her injury. The client works in IT, therefore, is not able to return to work as she cannot type or write. The client has lost her income and independence directly from her injury.

Final Compensation Settlement

Initially, the defendant did not agree that he was liable for the client’s damages as he disputes the circumstance to which the dog attacked was under self- defence.

The case was escalated to court and the defendant was found responsible for the client’s injuries. The client was awarded $XY for pain and suffering, loss of income and emotional damages.

Unfortunately, as there was a dispute of liability this particular case was escalated to the courts.