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$XY compensation for multiple facial burns.

Lawyers win $XY for a 7-year-old boy who suffered burns in an accident at child care.

Injuries: Burns on Face, Ear and Neck.

The client was attending swimming lessons at the local community swimming pool. After his swimming lesson, the boy proceeded to the café to buy a snack for himself, as many parents and children visit after their swimming lessons. The child was waiting his turn and leant his face on the bain-marie. The boy sustained burns to some of his face, ear and neck.

Follow-up treatment

The burns are treated with medicinal cremes and continuous change of dressing and removal of dead skin. The burns blistered and required many follow up appointments to keep an eye on the healing progress of the burn.

Lifestyle impact

The burn had scarred and left the boy with anxiety and low self-esteem. The client eventually reached a point where he was very conscious of the scar and found it difficult to go outside or school. The client has been reported to have withdrawn himself and less happy according to his school reports from teachers. The client currently attends regular sessions with a child psychologist.

Final Compensation Settlement

The café owner admitted liability as it was found that the bain-marie had no warning sign stating the outside of the appliance was hot and unsafe to touch. The appliance was installed in an environment with exposure to many children of all ages, and yet it was installed in a very low position whereas most children can reach the bain-marie easily. The defendant agreed to the compensation amount along with changing the position of the bain-marie to avoid any other child getting injured.

The client was awarded $XY for the injuries sustained and other factors that have impacted the client’s life due to this accident. The case was settled by his lawyers in negotiations which meant an easy and speedy process for the client.