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$XY compensation for shopper after walking into an unmarked glass door

Lawyers win $XY for 23-year-old woman who suffered a concussion whilst shopping in Brisbane.

Injuries: Concussion

The plaintiff, who was out shopping when she walked into a glass door that she thought was open. There were no stickers to indicate that the door was glass and there was only a very small handle, so the door was not clearly indicated.

At the time of the incident, the plaintiff thought nothing much of it stating that she felt ‘kind of stupid’ for not noticing it was a door. She took some painkillers and carried on with her shopping.

Later that day, she was driving home when she noticed her vision had gone extremely blurred and pulled over. Her friend took over from her and they drove to the accident and emergency. There, they confirmed she had a concussion and was sent home with anti-inflammatories and advised for someone to keep an eye on her overnight.

Follow Up Treatment

A few days later, she had started to experience neck pain. The doctor confirmed this was due to the recent accident and provided painkillers.

Lifestyle impact

The plaintiff attempted to go to work a few days after the accident, but as she worked in an office found it difficult concentrating for long periods of time. She returned to work after two weeks off.

Since the incident, the plaintiff suffers from occasional neck pain which gets worse during the colder months. She also suffers from migraines.

Final Compensation Settlement

The case was settled between the plaintiff and defendants’ lawyers in Brisbane without the need to go to court.

Her lawyers stated that not having stickers clearly marking the glass is not only illegal. But by not marking this, they failed in their duty of care to their customers and the public.

The defendant accepted liability and offered a settlement off $XY which was accepted.