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$XY compensation for a client from a car accident

Lawyers win $XY for a 22-year-old woman who fractured her hip and ribs in a motor vehicle collision.

Injuries: Fractured hip and ribs and Whiplash

The client was driving towards Mandurah, south of Perth City, on a main road 40 minutes away from Perth CBD. The client was proceeding along a country road when an oncoming truck veered into her lane. The client’s vehicle was forced off the road onto a small embankment along the side of the road and then colliding with a tree nearby.

Follow-up treatment

The client had an initial surgery and was scheduled into 2 more corrective surgeries. The client then had 4 months of rest and was not able to go to work. Once wounds and bones were healed the client was recommended to complete sessions of rehabilitation. Ribs did not require surgery and healed at a much quicker rate than the client’s hip. Her whiplash symptoms did not alleviate until 6 months after accident date.

Lifestyle impact

The client had spent seven months in a wheelchair and once the healing plateaued client could walk with a cane with the help of physiotherapy. The client has leg length discrepancy and required a specially fitted show lift, to reduce the length difference. The client is a personal trainer at a gym and is not able to return to work as she cannot fulfil her duties. Fractured ribs did not require surgery and were left to heal for 6 weeks. Client’s whiplash symptoms were resolved six months after the accident.

Final Compensation Settlement

The plaintiff’s compensation claim is based on the injuries she had sustained and the impact on her everyday lifestyle. The client’s injuries were quite extensive and greatly impacted her lifestyle. Multiple surgeries regarding her hip is a huge depreciation on her body. Though the surgeries could only get her walking with a cane. The client has been advised by her surgeon and GP that it is a possibility that she may need the cane for the rest of her life.

With this cane, it was evident the client cannot return to work and it is a possibility that the client could possibly never return to her previous profession. The client was an active person and had drastically changed her life to accommodate for her injuries. She no longer competes competitively in bodybuilding, nor cycling every morning with a bike club she has been a member of for years.

Mediation between his car accident lawyers and the other party had concluded that the defendant was liable as he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Due to his negligence, the client was awarded a compensation of $XY.