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$XY compensation for a hand fracture and dislocated shoulder after a motor vehicle accident

Lawyers win $XY for 22-year-old man who suffered multiple injuries after a car accident in Perth.

Injuries: Hand And Dislocated Shoulder

The plaintiff suffered a fracture to the hand and a dislocated shoulder after another vehicle hit him side on.

She suffered what was known as ‘boxers’ fracture’ which is a break in the hand. This is a common injury that usually occurs when the driver’s hand is on the steering wheel at the time of the collision.

The plaintiff went to the hospital following the accident where x-rays confirmed the fracture and a dislocated shoulder.

A shoulder reduction successfully put it back in place. A splint was applied to the hand allowing the fracture to heal and the shoulder was put in a sling to avoid re-dislocation.

Follow Up Treatment

The plaintiff attended a follow-up appointment 3 weeks later, the sling and split were then removed. The plaintiff attended regular physiotherapy sessions to help restore full function of both the hand and shoulder.

Lifestyle impact

With a shoulder dislocation, there is a greater chance of re-occurrence. Because of this, the plaintiff, who previously played for a local soccer team had been advised not to return until fully healed. He does plan to return in the future but is apprehensive about doing so.

The plaintiff was able to return to work 5 weeks after the accident.

Final Compensation Settlement

This case was settled out of court and an award settlement of $XY was agreed. Even though the defendant admitted liability at the scene, they denied this when proceedings began.

The evidence put forward by the plaintiff’s lawyers proved that the defendant was the one liable for the accident as they had failed to give way. Once this was determined, a settlement was then negotiated and agreed upon.