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$XY compensation for broken neck from a public liability case.

Lawyers win $XY for a 34-year-old woman who broke her neck by falling a down a defect staircase.

Injuries: Broken neck

Client was staying at a hotel in Perth, WA and she was leaving her room and approached the hotel staircases and fell down the staircases. The client tumbled down one flight of stairs, hit her head on the wall on the landing, and then continue to fall down the stairs.

The client was assisted by two hotel workers as she was crumpled on the bottom of two flights of stairs. The client was taken to the hospital via ambulance. She had broken her neck in two different places

Follow-up treatment

Client endured surgery and a rigid cast for 3 months to keep the stability of her neck and spine. A cervical brace was considered but as the break was complex, medical professionals opted for surgery and a rigid cast.

Scans were performed as the client had bumped her head in her fall, no brain injuries found.

Lifestyle impact

The client’s lifestyle had dramatically changed as she was self-employed and was not able to run her sole-trading business because of her mobility. The client’s financial status changed dramatically.

She had to move to her sister’s house with her two children as she was not able to financially and physically support her children with the injuries.

The client eventually developed severe depression after an extended time being supported by her sister and not able to look after her children properly.

Final Compensation Settlement

Both parties had come to an agreement at the early stages of the accident compensation case. The stairway was considered unsafe and would not meet regulations. The first step of the stairway was a different size than the rest of all the other steps. The other steps were an average size, but this step was shorter both ways. Also, at this top step, there were not enough warning signs, and the top step did not have sufficient railing.

With this information, public injury lawyers pressured the defendant admitted liability and understood they were responsible for the injuries sustained by the client. As this case we settled in negotiations there was no need to escalate it to court.