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$XY compensation for a damaged spine in a public liability case

Lawyers win $XY for an 80-year-old woman who damaged her spine in a public liability case.

Injuries: Wedge Compression fracture to the Vertebra

Client suffered an accident at a petrol station where she slipped and landed on her back. The client has a particular injury that meant her vertebra was 40%- 50% shorter than I would be usually. When the client was about to fall she did try to hold onto a small stand up sign. However, the sign folded, and she fractured her pinkie finger trying to catch herself.

Follow-up treatment

Following surgery, the plaintiff had to undergo extensive rehabilitation, including ongoing weekly medical consultants and physiotherapy. The client was in constant pain and her movements never returned to her pre-accident ability.

Lifestyle impact

The client cannot walk or sit without being in pain. The client is not working as she is already retired, but everyday tasks are not possible as the client cannot stand up for longer than a minute or two without intense pain. The client had been referred through to a psychologist since the accident.

Final Compensation Settlement

Admitted liability as there was a large puddle on the ground and there was no warning sign.

It was later found that the puddle was from a leaking hose on the property grounds of the petrol station. The fault in the hose was proven to be wear and tear over time. Employees of the station had reported it previously yet no corrective actions were evident on the company’s behalf.

Amongst the negotiations, the client was awarded a sum of $XY to compensate for her injuries sustained from the company’s negligence. The settlement amount was calculated according to the client’s pain and suffering, medical expenses and many other factors were considered.

Both parties settled among negotiations in the preliminary stages of the claim. Therefore, it did not need to be escalated to the court system resulting in a speedy process for the client.