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$XY compensation for a fractured ankle and arm from a workplace accident

Lawyers win $XY for a 25-year-old man who suffered a fractured ankle and arm in a work-related incident.

Injuries: Fractured Ankle and Arm.

The plaintiff works in a factory in the industrial area of Gnangara, WA and was hired as a forklift operator. On the condition of being hired for this role, the employer agreed to train him to be able to complete the tasks of his job. The plaintiff had collided with one of the other workers in the factory. Injuring both himself and his colleague. He was taken to hospital where it was confirmed he’d sustained a fractured left ankle and left arm.

Follow-up treatment

Following surgery, the plaintiff had to undergo extensive rehabilitation, including ongoing weekly medical consultants and physiotherapy.

8 weeks resting both his ankle and arm, the client was able to remove the screws inserted into the ankle. A few weeks after removing the screws the client was recommended to commence physiotherapy.

15 months of physiotherapy has improved the movement range of the client’s ankle, however in certain positions the client experiences pain. The client’s arm had healed excellently and had no loss to movement.

Lifestyle impact

The client’s lifestyle had changed largely as he is athletic, and the pain and movement restriction in his ankle lead to him discontinue competitive rugby. The client finds it difficult to be on his feet for more than 2 hours as it becomes numb in his foot and pain radiating up his ankle.

Final Compensation Settlement

The employer admitted liability and understood that due to his negligence in providing inadequate training to the client directly lead to the injuries of the client. The defendant agreed on awarding the client with $XY and revising the defendant’s business practice. The business owner is happy to re-regulate his employee training practices to avoid future occurrences.

Mediation sessions allowed the two parties to settle upon an amount that could accommodate the client for the whole incident. When cases do not need to be escalated to a court hearing, this enables a speedy process for the plaintiff.