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$XY compensation for broken nose during a motor vehicle accident.

Lawyers win $XY for a 25-year-old woman who broke her nose in a rear end shunt in Melbourne.

Injuries: Broken Nose and soft tissue injuries.

The client was driving along Princess highway in VIC as she exited the highway and stopped at the traffic lights the car behind failed to stop in time and rear-ended the client’s car. The client’s nose hit her steering wheel with the sheer force of the impact. She also suffered from severe neck and soft tissue injuries (whiplash).

Follow-up treatment

The client’s fracture was displaced meaning that the client was to suffer problems relating to breathing. After almost 6 months the client was still experienced pain in her nose and sinus.

The client had been advised that a corrective surgery would be the only way to correct her breathing and sinus pains.

Client proceeded with a corrective surgery 3 months after and was considered a success as the client’s breathing had improved vastly and she experienced much less pain in her sinuses when breathing.

Lifestyle impact

The client was in pain for almost a year and had to endure two surgeries on her nose. She spent the year not able to sleep well, exercise or swimming. The client’s lifestyle as very active and she was not able to complete her daily swim for a year.

Though the corrective surgery was a success the client’s sinuses are much more sensitive and are prone to occasions of pain.

Final Compensation Settlement

Both parties were able to come to an agreement in negotiations. The defendant admitted liability and understood it was his negligence was the reason to why the client suffered for almost 12 months over her nose injury.

The client was awarded a sum of $XY for her extensive nose injury. This case was settled in negotiations and did not need to be escalated to a court hearing. This enabled a speedy process for the client.