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$XY& $XY compensation after a motor vehicle accident whilst travelling in a Taxi.

2 friends were travelling in a taxi when the car in front suddenly slammed on after a bicycle swerved in front of swerved in front of the vehicle causing the taxi to crash into the back.


Both passengers were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

Plaintiff 1:

The first passenger, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time on the accident suffered a broken nose and broken jaw. When at the hospital, his jaw had to be wired shut in order to keep his bite in place.

He was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and placed on a liquid diet.

Plaintiff 2:

Following an x-ray at the hospital, it was confirmed that the second passenger had suffered a fractured tibia (shin).

He underwent surgery where a metal rod was inserted across the fracture to help keep it in place. His leg was also placed in a cast to help assist the healing process.

Follow Up Treatment

Plaintiff 1:

After 6 weeks, the fixations were removed, and a soft chew diet was introduced, he was advised to complete daily jaw exercises to help movement and increase the opening.

Plaintiff 2:

He underwent rehabilitation slowly increasing weight bearing. He also took part in a lot of swimming pool activities to help build strength without the need to bear weight on his legs.

Full weight bearing was allowed after 12 weeks.

Lifestyle impact

Plaintiff 1:

Working as a call centre advisor was unable to work as he found it extremely difficult to speak clearly whilst his jaw was wired shut.

In total, he was off work for 8 weeks and was slowly phased back into work after that.

His social life took a negative impact following the accident as he struggled to talk and unable to eat solid foods which limited his options when going out.

Plaintiff 2:

As he worked in the mining industry, he was unable to work following the accident.

He remained off work for 7 months before returning to his previous trade.

Final Compensation Settlement

Plaintiff 1:

An amount of $XY was agreed between lawyers without the need to go to court.

This included a portion dedicated to the plaintiffs lost earnings.

Plaintiff 2:

An initial amount $XY was offered and rejected by the plaintiff’s lawyers as they thought the amount didn’t reflect the injuries he endured.

Due to the amount of time he had off work, they pushed for more.

An amount of $xx was then offered and accepted.