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$XY compensation for shoulder and arm injury from a public liability case.

Lawyers win $XY for a 21-year-old man who suffered shoulder and arm injuries in a public liability claim.

Injuries: Head, Shoulder and Arm Injuries.

The client was commuting to work via the train system. The client had arrived at his local train station. This train station is 2 levels. The client was walking down the stairs to the platform and almost halfway down the stairs when an overhead sign dropped onto his head. The client loss consciousness, when he came to the ambulance we already on the way.

Follow-up treatment

The client was taken to the hospital from the scene. The scans show there is no physical injury internally. When the client woke up his vision was blurred and had some focusing issues.

Shoulder and arm had an X-ray to confirm or deny any breakages. The scans confirmed there were no broken bones. There were few cuts and bruises on the client’s shoulder and arm. A large cut found on the client’s upper arm required 8 stitches. After a few months of healing, the client commenced physiotherapy.

The client continues to feel pain in his arm and shoulder 18 months after the accident.

Lifestyle impact

The client works in IT and is not able to go back to work, which affected the client’s everyday tasks and financial situation. The client was able to attempt to go back to work but barely lasted 2 weeks as he was not able to cope.

The client was part of a cycling club which he had to resign as he could not fulfil the duties of the captain due to his injuries.

The client can do small tasks, but he is constantly in pain. The client has some movement for his arm and shoulder, but it would not be able to perform at pre-accident state.

Final Compensation Settlement

Defendant admitted liability and understood the falling overhead sign was a hazard to all commuters. They have rectified the sign and it is no longer a hazard to the public.

The client was awarded $XY for her injuries and medical expenses, loss of income and to cover her no win no payment solicitors legal fees.