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Had an accident on the road in Victoria? Speak to an experienced TAC lawyer regarding your rights and compensation entitlements today.

Lodge a TAC claim

If you are thinking of making a TAC claim with legal representation it is important that you instruct a lawyer who has a deep understanding of the road accident legal system in Victoria. Dealing with insurance companies after a road traffic accident can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are still suffering from any mental trauma. However, you must act swiftly and abide by TAC’s protocols as strict time limits apply to making a claim.

Get help from expert Transport Accident Commission Lawyers

Our experienced TAC lawyers deal with all types of motor vehicle accident compensation and represent drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, passengers and pedestrians. We handle all matters via strict no win no fee arrangements so there is no need to worry about the costs.

For expert help with the assessment and lodgement of your claim call Millner and Knight today.

Do I need a TAC lawyer?

Please be advised that it is not necessary to instruct a lawyer in the initial stages of a claim. However, nearly all motor accidents in Victoria are caused by a combination of errors. Even if you believe you were at fault for an accident that may not ‘legally’ be the case.

At Millner and Knight, our experienced TAC lawyers working out of Melbourne and locations throughout the state can help you understand how your accident unfolded in purely legal terms.

It may also be the case that you are under pressure to admit fault by the insurer, another party or a representative of either. If this is the case, it’s important to stay calm and think rationally. Every day we speak with innocent drivers who have been coerced into admitting fault at either the accident scene or later on down the line when there’s no clear evidence of what really happened.

Only you can make the decision on whether or not to engage a solicitor but if something feels wrong, it’s definitely worth just talking to one.

The number to call is 03 8804 5769 and please rest assured you will not be pressured into starting a claim.

How much is a TAC claim worth?

Besides any treatment and support the TAC may pay for, at common law you can also make a claim for damages. The amount of damages owed to you or a loved one is mostly determined on the severity of the injuries sustained. Although we can’t give you a clear estimate until you call us, we can disclose what is achievable in a best/worst-case scenario.

As of 2020 compensation for damages includes up to:

  • $535,850 for pain and suffering, and
  • up to $1,205,730 for any lost earnings.

The maximum payment a plaintiff can achieve in a TAC claim is $1,741,580.

To speak to a TAC lawyer regarding your entitlements call 03 8804 5769. All initial advice is free of charge and comes with no obligation to proceed.