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A holiday should be relaxing, not a place where we have to deal with accidents and injuries. Being injured interstate is not only traumatic but stressful.  If you’ve had an accident on holiday that wasn’t your fault, it’s likely we can help. We help many people make compensation claims and have the experience to let you know if we think you could claim. If you’re looking to start your claim or find out if you have a case, call our public liability advisors for free on 1800 106 107. We’ll never rush you into starting a claim, we’ll simply help you understand your next steps.

Making a Holiday Accident Claim

With such a large volume of people, holiday accidents are bound to happen. Because accidents overseas are common, it doesn’t prevent you from claiming.

Holiday accident claims can be more difficult to process than other claims. This is because claiming must conform to the local laws of your destination country. This may affect how you claim, and how much you claim for.

Diplomatic services may be able to help you with your claim, as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Your hotel, the hotel staff, and every company you encounter on your travel must provide you with a safe service.

For example, they’re responsible for providing you with a hygienic and clean environment, as well as maintaining sporting equipment, surfaces, pavements, and other thoroughfares.

Types of Holiday Accidents

We know that your experience is unique. But here are some examples of holiday accident claims we may be able to help you claim compensation for:

  • Wet flooring or misplaced objects causing a slip, trip or fall
  • Injuries in public or mass transit
  • Injuries on a day trip
  • Food poisoning from a hotel restaurant or buffet
  • Illness caused by poor hotel or pool hygiene
  • Injuries caused by a substandard or defective rental car
  • Injuries caused in sporting activities, such as skiing or water sports

We’ve also helped people claim for injuries while travelling on cruises, boats, and aeroplanes.

If you don’t see your accident listed above, don’t worry. It’s likely we can still help you. Call us to find out for sure on 1800 106 107. You’re under no obligation to start a claim when you contact us.

To strengthen your case, you must have documentation which may include:

  • Taking photographs of the cause of your accident
  • Writing down or sketching the scene of your accident
  • Noting the contact details of any witnesses
  • Making a note of any injuries you’ve sustained
  • Collecting any information you can about medical treatment you’ve
    received since the injury

This also applies to injuries sustained in other Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand. Whether you were injured at home or abroad, we recommend calling us for free, impartial advice about whether you can claim on 1800 106 107. Our advisors will help you through the process. There’s no obligation to apply.