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Can you get Legal Aid for personal injury claims?

by adminOctober 8, 2019


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In the early ’90s, responsibility for funding personal injury claims moved further away from Legal Aid. As an alternative method of funding these claims, the Government allowed the provision of no win no fee by law firms.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid provides free legal information and education with a focus on prevention and early resolution. In matters where prevention or early resolution fails Legal aid can provide people who meet their eligibility criteria with legal representation. All legal representation provisioned by Legal Aid is provided by private lawyers and law firms.

In Australia, legal aid is administered at state government level not federally.

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Why is Legal Aid no longer available for personal injury?

In the early 90s, the government cancelled the right to legal aid in most personal injury law cases to curb public spending. However many experts see the abolishment of legal aid for such matters as a classic false economy which has led to a dramatic rise in motor insurance and workers compensation premiums.

How do injured people get help without Legal Aid?

Before the Government officially scrapped Legal Aid for personal injury claims, they introduced the concept of conditional costs agreements, or no win no fee as there more frequently referred to. Conditional costs agreements provide access to justice and legal representation to Australians injured in accidents through no fault of their own similar to legal Aid. In fact, many of the solicitors offering such agreements used to work, or still work in partnership with Legal Aid.

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