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How Much Do No Win No Fee Lawyers Take?

by adminJanuary 19, 2021


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Unlike in some other countries, Lawyers in Australia do not take a ‘predetermined’ percentage of your compensation if they win your no win no fee case. In fact, doing so is highly illegal. So how much do no win no fee lawyers take then? This guide covers everything you need to know about ‘billing’ in personal injury cases.

How much do lawyers generally take in Australia?

Because each state throughout Australia is covered by legislation which places a cap on legal costs, the answer to this question is not so clear cut. However, in the simplest terms, the amount a no win no fee lawyer can take will depend on what legal advice you need. Additionally, if they had to pay for anything such as independent medical examinations etc, they will also need to be reimbursed for that too.

However, you might be surprised to know that even if your lawyers’ legal fees amount to $20,000, they may only end up taking $4,000 from your compensation. This is because a large portion of the winner’s legal costs is often recovered from the losing party by way of agreement between the parties lawyers or ordered in court by a judge (party/party costs).

How do party/party costs work?

Party/party costs are designed to cover an agreed amount of the winning parties legal costs. That is so long as such costs have been agreed or assessed as being fair and reasonable. In some cases, 100% of the winners’ costs will be paid out by the losing party or their insurance company, however, in many instances, it’s around 80%. In some types of personal injury claims, the maximum costs payable by the
other parties are fixed by legislation.

Regulated legal costs throughout Australia

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