How much do lawyers charge for tpd claims?

by adminNovember 25, 2019

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Total and permanent disability claims through a superannuation fund often require a lot less work than other types of claims. That being said, before you engage any of Millner and Knights panel law firms to act on your behalf, we will ensure that you know exactly how much their lawyers charge for TPD claims.

How lawyers charge for TPD claims

In many instances, our TPD lawyers are able to offer clients fixed fee costs agreements. For example, the total cost for your solicitor’s professional fees and disbursements could amount to $10,000. You also have the added assurance that members of Millner and Knights legal panel handle all matters according to our strict no win no fee policy.

So what are professional fees and disbursements? Professional fees are what your lawyer will charge you for their time and disbursements are third party costs, for example, medical reports.

Why fo fees for TPD claims vary?

Fees between law firms can vary tremendously, and like with any other service you get what you pay for. Common factors which justify charging higher rates include:

  • Expertise – lawyers who focus on a particular area of law will often cost more than an all-rounder.
  • Seniority – in law firm hierarchy you may have partners, associates, junior lawyers and paralegals. All bill different hourly rates.
  • Effort – Some lawyers may advise you to settle early for a lesser payout however they may still receive the same fees. In many cases, it is worth pushing harder to get a bigger payout as it may only minimally increase the fees.

So why would you agree to pay more? Learn more about the benefits of legal assistance.

Before you agree to anything or sign any paperwork it’s a good idea to shop about. Compare the legal fees from as many different law firms as possible and ask them what they can bring to the table. If one firm quotes more than another, ask them why? there may well be a very justifiable reason.

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