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When you make a claim for your accident or injuries then your compensation will be paid by the losing side. Some of the most common questions we get asked by plaintiffs are:

What if I was involved in an MVA?

If you’re involved in a road accident our motor vehicle accident lawyers will file a claim against the at-fault parties’ insurance. Any compensation and most of the legal costs will be paid to you by their insurance company.

When it comes to making claims for road-related injuries, depending on whereabouts it took place, different laws may apply to you.

If your accident took place in any of the following states, it’s a good idea to go directly to the page to read the appropriate content.

I’m claiming against a business, who pays?

If you make a claim against a business or organisation, then the claim will be made against them. If they have public liability insurance, the insurance company will pay your damages. If they do not have insurance, then they will still be liable if found to be at fault and will be responsible for paying your compensation along with any legal fees.

I’ve suffered at the hands of a medical professional

To make a claim for malpractice against a doctor, surgeon or any other professional a medical negligence lawyer must first prove that they were negligent.

I Had an accident in a public place

I worked with Asbestos years ago