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General damages section 1 (a)

The amount of compensation owed to someone after a car accident in which the victim suffered a broken leg is made up of several factors. This page is intended to offer claimants a guideline figure for non-economic loss or general damages, excluding any lost earnings. For example, pain, suffering, disability and loss of amenity of life.

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How much compensation for a broken leg in a car accident?

Section 1 (a) Injury type excl lost earnings
Broken legs Fractured femur (thigh bone) $18,829 – $29,508
Fractured tibia or fibula Up to $25,016
Leg fractures resulting in long term problems $36,945 to $58,201
Severe or complicated leg fractures $54,438 – $78,374

Please note: The above table is not to be taken as a substitute for legal advice. Amounts shown include estimations for general damages excluding lost earnings. Compensation for lost earnings often exceeds six-figures, for this reason, your payout could be considerably more.

How will my compensation be calculated?

Each state in Australia has its own rules and regulations however a legal representative will consider:

  • The severity of your broken leg
  • your legal costs
  • past and future lost earnings
  • contributory negligence
  • success fees (which are mandatory in some states)
  • and the state your car accident took place

All of the things mentioned above are variables which will affect your final compensation amount.

What to do next?

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