Workcover New South Wales

Please note that on 1 September 2015, WorkCover NSW was replaced by three new entities:

Please use the contact information below if you need help with work accident compensation as WorkCover NSW no longer exists.

SafeWork NSW

Safework New South Wales is the workplace health and safety regulator. They offer advice on improving work OHS, provide licences and registration for potentially dangerous work or high-risk work, investigate workplace accidents and enforce health and safety laws throughout NSW.


SIRA is the State Insurance Regulatory Authority and regulates motor accidents CTP and workers compensation insurance as well as the residential building compensation fund in NSW.


icare (Insurance & Care NSW) delivers insurance and care services to residents of New South Wales, under the State’s Workers Compensation Scheme. icare help people who have been severely injured at work or on NSW roads, icare supports victims long-term care needs which helps to improve quality their quality of life. They also assist in helping people return to work.

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