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Before you engage any of Millner and Knights panel law firms to act on your behalf, we will ensure that you are fully informed about any costs associated with their legal services. For matters relating to personal injury, we offer a 100% no win no fee guarantee.

Common types of legal costs and arrangements

When and how much you pay to your lawyer depends on your specific legal matter.

1. Conditional costs agreements CCA’s

A conditional costs agreements or no win no fee is a type of arrangement between a lawyer and a plaintiff.

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2. Professional fees

Professional fees are monies charged by solicitors for their time, effort and expertise.

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3. Disbursements

Disbursements are monies which your lawyers need to pay to third parties to help prepare or fight a case.

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4. Litigation loans

Litigation loans are a type of third-party litigation funding that may enable a party to start or continue with legal proceedings in the event of a financial barrier.

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5. Pay as you go

In these types of arrangements, legal costs are generally paid upfront by or monthly by the plaintiff regardless of the outcome.

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6. 50/50 Rule

The 50/50 rule may be available to claimants in QLD making personal injury claims.

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7. Success fees

In some states, lawyers are permitted to charge their clients a success fee if their matter is successful.

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