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If your life, or the life of a loved one, has been affected by a work-related injury or illness which has resulted in a permanent impairment (PI), we can help you make a claim for lump sum compensation.

The experts at Millner and Knight specialise in recovering lump sum payouts for accident victims whose injuries meet whole person impairment.

What is permanent impairment?

Different states have slightly different legislation which defines what permanent impairment means. Under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act), impairment means the loss, the loss of the use, or the damage or malfunction, of any part of the body or of any bodily system or function or part of such system or function.

In layman’s terms, a permanent impairment is an injury which doesn’t heal properly affecting a persons ability to work in the same capacity.

Who can make a lump sum compensation claim?

Generally to be eligible to make a whole person impairment claim:

  • You must have suffered an injury or illness which has led to an impairment;
  • your impairment is permanent and will likely not improve or get better in the near future;
  • you have an assessable (PI) in accordance with levels prescribed in your state or Territories relevant scheme;
  • and the degree of your impairment meets the thresholds for compensation.

Our experts can make a broad assessment of your eligibility to payments, compensation and benefits. Please call 1800 106 107 to discuss your case or contact us online.

Assessment of permanent impairment

Before anyone can undergo a (PI) assessment, their injury must have reached a stage where it’s likely that no further improvement can be achieved, even with further medical treatment.

If you are due to undergo a permanent impairment assessment and have not yet sought independent legal advice you should speak to a lawyer immediately. Your lawyer can then arrange for you to be assessed by a specialist who is trained in assessing impairment.

Key points

  • Under most schemes, injuries are assessed for the degree of permanent impairment of an individual.
  • The independent doctors’ evaluation of impairment is final and binding on all parties.
  • To be eligible for lump sum compensation claimants must meet a prescribed level of whole person impairment as set out in their state or territories legislation.
  • lump sum payouts are also available for sufferers of psychological injuries.

Suffering a WPI is lifechanging, we can not stress enough the importance of having specialist legal representation. Putting forward a weak case could result in you losing your right to compensation

What and how much can you claim?

You may be able to make a claim for the following;

  • Lump sum compensation
  • General damages or Non-economic loss
  • Special damages or Economic loss

Permanent impairment payout amounts vary depending on numerous factors relating to your individual situation. At this stage, it’s difficult to put an exact number on your final settlement amount however you can make your own assessment using our online calculator.

Alternatively, speak to an expert on 1800 106 017 to get a professional estimation and also find out if you are eligible to make a claim.

Making a whole person impairment claim

Millner and Knights nationwide panel of injury lawyers are the experts when it comes to lump sum compensation claims. Regardless of whether you have been injured at work, whilst on the road, out and about in public or due to a medical mistake, we can help.

When you call us any advice you receive will be completely free and impartial and we can also offer you a free 1 hour face to face with a solicitor who specialises in claims like yours.

If you can’t make it to one of our conveniently located offices, please do not worry as we can come to you or meet you somewhere that suits you. As part of our promise to you, we promise not to ask or pressure you into starting proceedings and we also will not press you to talk about something your not comfortable with.

Finally, we handle all matters on a strictly no win no fee basis. This means that if for some reason your case is not successful, you will not be left out of pocket.

Please call our freephone number on 1800 106 107 to discuss your matter or contact us through any of our secure online web forms.