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e.g. Soft tissue injury;
e.g. Fracture or dislocation; Pre-existing conditions worsened; Referred symptoms; Soft tissue, wrenching; disc lesion; Cervical Spondylosis; Limitation of movement; Recurring pain;
e.g. Fracture of dislocation; Sever soft tissue damage; Ruptured tendons; ; Chronic disability;
e.g. Serious fractures or damage to discs; Disability/Substantial loss of neck movement; Loss of function in one or more limbs;
e.g. Incomplete paraplegia; Permanent spastic quadriparesis; Little or no movement in the neck; Severe ongoing headaches;

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Would you like to include any lost earning in your calculation?

If you have incurred losses due to time off work, we can add this to your calculation. Calculate your weekly wage by the number of weeks off. For example, $2,000 per week multiplied by 10 weeks = $20,000.

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If an injury is going to impair your future earnings potential, we can add this to your compensation. For example, if you earned $1,600 per week before becoming injured but $800 per week thereafter, the amount to enter would be $800 multiplied by the number of weeks left until your retirement age.

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You may also be able to claim any financial losses incurred by a family member or friend that cared for you. Enter any losses incurred by the person that cared for you. These losses commonly include losses such as lost income or travel expenses.

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In the event of a successful outcome, you will receive your compensation minus any legal costs. Remember that the losing party typically pays most of the winners costs.

Please note: all claims pursued through Millner and Knight Legal Services are carried out according to our No Win No Fee Guarantee.

Does your claim have legal merit?

Possibly. We think that your claim may have legal merit. For official confirmation, call us and speak to a solicitor.

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From the information, you have provided, we believe that your claim could be worth between .

Non-Economic Losses
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What now?

You should contact us as soon as practically possible regarding your intention to make a claim. There are several reasons for this including:

  • Changes to legislation affecting rights and entitlements
  • Strict time limits associated with public place accident claims
  • To find out whether you are eligible for no win no fee
  • Confirm your calculation and receive an official estimate

Failing to act in time may result in you losing your right to compensation.